Transmigrated Into A Ruined Novel As An Extra

Author: Killix_Kreed
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What is Transmigrated Into A Ruined Novel As An Extra

Read Transmigrated Into A Ruined Novel As An Extra novel written by the author Killix_Kreed on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering system, magic, superpowers, overpowered, transmigration. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Ren is a young university student living a lonely life on earth as a normal human, of course, until one random night where he goes to sleep and miraculously wakes up to a pool of blood, but wait... this isn't his house, and this body, it doesn't belong to him. Unexpectedly, Ren finds out that this new world he is in is the same as the one from a novel he used to read, and he wasn't transmigrated as the hero who would 'save the world', get all the girls, and level up through the power of friendship and plot armor, no, he had become a character that was only mentioned in two chapters of the entire novel... It seemed like a sure loss at first, since this novel had a tragic ending all because of the main character's decisions, but Ren really didn't want to die along with the world, so he would have to make efforts to make sure the story doesn't go down the original path. "Since I'm not a weakling, I can affect the cause of the world actively and not just from the shadows... Heh, my dare MC, you might have to give your life for the cause."

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I love the way the story is paced, my kind of flow, and the MC is great so far. I wonder how it develops, very curious


Shameless 5 star review for motivation. Welcome, people of great sight. I don't have much to say for now, but ask questions if you have any, and come back to leave your review and thoughts on the book, helps a lot. Thank you in advance.


Good but the side characteres really plain ,and mc become op very soon no struggle at all maybe in future some 'trouble' may come . the worst part is very slow update overall story has potential


The cover hooked me, so I decided to try this book out.... I can say that I didn't waste my time trying it out.


This is the first novel i found that the mc isn't some trash. Like every other novels this novel starts pretty basic but if you read some you can see the differences. I like the mc, power system ext. I hope author doesn't drop this gem.


this is my second book from this author and i like it already this is just my styleeee hope to get more of it and i hope as always that there wont be any romance it almost always ruins the hole book


It’s a solid story and a good way to pass the time. Within a day of finding the story i read all 95 chapters currently released because it kept my attention. There are instances where the writing quality could be better but its honestly better than most stories on webnovel. The character dialogue also leaves something to be desired but still good as it is. Shame that it hasnt been updated in almost a month though. I say its worth the coins i spent to read. Good job Mr. Author!


It's disappointing when a story that could be great ends up not being so good. The writing is confusing, the characters aren't interesting, and there is not much world-building. When you read this book, it feels more like reading someone summarizing the story instead of experiencing it. Instead of showing us what's happening, the author just tells us, which isn't very exciting. Also, important parts of the story are rushed through in just a few paragraphs. The action scenes are written with just a few sentences, and the main character becomes very powerful too quickly. He always wins without facing any real challenges, and his decisions are pretty stupid.


The mc is annoying edge lord The side character are not likeble at all


the story is interesting. the author explains how the main character is growing and developing through the story.


Not much to say as there are only 25 chapters out but the way the plot is unfolding and the whole set up of this story makes this novel worth your time


excited for the new entry, let's goooooooo




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