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    david_ogiriki · Fantasy
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    Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage

    In a world where Magic reigned supreme, Ruling over the Mythic Elements were the Holy Magicians of the Sacred Elements. A young prodigy, Gabriel was selected as the Holy Priest in the Church of the Magic of Light. He was the youngest mage to awaken the most coveted element of light; his future was supposed to be bright... But one day, he disappeared as if the darkness had swallowed him up. As Gabriel walked on the thin line between life and death while fighting for his life, something came in his life... Something that was going to change his life and the world forever... Step on this unforgettable journey of light and darkness that transcends boundaries of space and time like never before...

    Demonic_angel · Fantasy
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    Versatile Mage

    He woke up in a familiar world that had vastly changed. His familiar school had become a mystical school that teaches magic, encouraging everyone to become a mighty magician. Outside the city, many wandering magical beasts and monsters attacked and preyed on humans. His world of advanced science changed into one that praised magic. Despite this, his ambition in life, and his social status remained the same; one of the dregs of the society with a struggling father and a disabled step sister that couldn’t walk. However, Mo Fan found that when most people could only practice a single major element of magic, he was a Versatile Mage!

    Chaos · Fantasy
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    Strongest Mage with the Lust system

    [ Warning: Mature content R-18 ] Every ending is a new begining. The same held true for a twenty year old virgin, who died after attacked by a bear in the forest. Just when he thought everything ended, he woke up in a world full of magic and wonder and was bestowed with a system to survive and rise to top with unparalleled beauties in his arms. [ Ding. Lust system initiated.] Join Exciting journey of Our MC. How he will get both strength and most gorgeous beauties. ______________________________ [Things to be noted] 1. The story is good and enjoyable but if it's not to your liking, do comment and let me what is it that you didn't like. I'm open to all suggestions. 2. From the title, you should've guessed it already but let me tell you that story will be filled with many sexual adventures. So enjoy them..... 3. However don't expect MC to have sexual relations with every woman he meets. I'll be focusing on the story, and would 'Try' not to blindly throw sex scenes left and right. 4. Most importantly, this is my first time writing so the the quality of first 50 or so is a bit lacking (But would cause you no problem). If you enjoy the story then don't forget to vote with your GTs, Power stones and send some GIFTS to motivate me. Disclaimer: I don't own the cover. If you are owner and want me to remove it, kindly DM me on my Discord: Blizzard54k#5923 Happy reading~ ________________

    Blizzard54k · Fantasy
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    My Mage System (BL)

    He had been the best assassin of all time in his world and when he was finally killed, a goddess took the opportunity to send his soul into the body of a boy in another world who was weak for now but who was destined to become the most powerful mage of this world. This young boy was called Kevin and he decided to take his identity as he had kept his memories. The only thing he had in common with him was that they were both orphans, but Kevin had a weak mind and a weak body, in short, everything he hated the most. After successfully entering the Sun Sect as a mage, he managed to open the book Kevin had inherited from his parents and which he had been unable to open. What was his surprise when he realized that this book had turned into a System that allowed him to level up like in the virtual reality games he used to play in his home world. With the help of this System he will fufill his wish, he will become the most powerful humans of this world, not even shapeshifters or demons will be able to do anything to him. ………… Kevin turned his head towards him and seeing that he was still naked he said, looking away again : "Get dressed first, then we'll talk." Axel found some clothes that looked loose and put them on right away, he also took a pair of daggers whose blades were just a little shorter than his forearms, and he then approached Kevin and hugged him from behind. Kevin let him doing whatever he wanted, even though one of his daggers was now very close to his throat, Axel said to him close to his ear : "I want to trust you Kevin, so give me a good reason to." Kevin then asked him : "What do you want to know ?" Axel sighed, threatening Kevin with his own daggers won't do him any good, and he risked breaking the bond they were just making. He then took a decision and planted the two daggers in the ground in front of them, he ran his hands under Kevin's sweater and circled his waist with them, pressing him more against him. Kevin hadn't expected this turn of event and he felt his heartbeat quicken. Axel's hands were warm and he could feel his huge erection against him, one thing was sure, it was that he didn't let him indifferent. …………. WARNING this is not a slowburn romance and it's a R18 BL novel with lots spicy scenes so if you like reading 100 chapters before the mc and ml kiss for the first time just skip this story it's definitely not for you Otherwise, follow the adventures of our two heroes, if you love worlds filled with mysterious creatures, magic, fights, dungeons, a System that allows you to level up quickly, and a unique and powerful love story then this story is for you. ……………. If you like this story give a try to my other novels : The Divine Mage System The Celestial Phoenix and His Guardian (BL) Reincarnated to save the universe (GL/BL) New Update : Sunday/Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday Enjoy your reading time and don’t forget to vote, to comment, and to review :)  

    CeliaNaya · LGBT+
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    Manaless Mage

    Harry Morton was born in an age where magic and mana ruled everything. He was unable to awaken his affinity and to make things worse he was born with a broken mana core foundation which meant he would never be able to create or develop a mana core. Since he couldn’t create a mana core, he would never be able to draw mana—not even the slightest strand. He was the first person to be born without a mana core foundation, the only one with the inability to draw mana. Due to this, he was regarded as trash by everyone: his parents, his friends, the society and even the academy he attended. It was until one day, during a mana beast attack when he almost lost his life. He saw a strange white line rapidly moving downwards, towards him. Unbeknownst to him, the white streak went into his body. When he woke up the next day, a strange message appeared in front of him. DING!! [Welcome Host to the Manaless mage system] However things didn’t end there, a lot of secrets were revealed to him, things greater than he could have ever imagined. Now that he had the power, would he save humanity? Follow the protagonist in his journey as the Manaless mage, as he rises to the absolute top! ******* Join my discord server: https://discord.gg/PqCseyu2Kh

    Gladstone_ · Fantasy
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    Idle Mage: Humanity's Strongest Backer

    They said they came from out of nowhere. There were no signs of their arrival nor there were any loud sounds. One day, Humanity woke up and was forced to accept their existence...along with the destruction they brought with them. Ashton West, a orphan and a transmigrator from Earth. He woke up in this near-apocalyptic world without anyone else to rely on aside from himself. Thankfully, he was blessed with a golden finger that came with his transmigration package! Ashton: This world needs a Hero...sadly, I can't be bothered to be one. Ashton: Surely there's someone out there who can fulfill that role. As for me? Well... "Being 'Humanity's Strongest Backer' doesn't sound so bad." *** Disclaimer: 1. Cover's not mine. Found it online and edited it. This is for temporary use. Hit me up if this is yours and want it to be taken down. 2. Don't expect perfection. It doesn't exist. 3. I'm not in a race with the other authors. I have my own update schedule. Don't worry, it's frequent enough. All your support will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for checking out my work!

    Hateful_Fellow · Fantasy
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    MMORPG: Rebirth of the Shadow Mage

    To get some money Leo started playing a popular VRMMORPG, [ FRAGMENTAL ]. Unfortunately he had no talent for the game. Desperate for Money Leo did everything from joining an oppressive guild to signing a slave contract making him become an corporate slave But Life gave him a second chance... Returning in time and armed with knowledge he gained during his years working as an informant, Leo shall reach the top [ Image on the cover is not mine ]

    Gurdon · Fantasy
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    Fire Mage

    John Browning, a former underworld assassin, went to his friend Angele's wedding party but ended up meeting his former colleagues. Before he could think that the whole wedding ceremony was a setup to catch him, he felt dizzy all of a sudden! At that moment, he knew that his lifelong friend had already betrayed him and sold him out. John was humiliated in front of hundreds of people and was forced to kneel in front of Thomas, the underworld assassin organization leader. Within a few minutes, they beat him brutally, dragged him to some underground basement, and then locked him in a gloomy room. John felt bitter when thinking about his friend's betrayal. He laid on the cold floor for two days and died miserably. But his story didn't end there. … In a world filled with magic and mystic powers, John Browning woke up in an 18-year-old boy's body. Before he could open his eyes and see his current situation, he felt someone was dragging his body. 'How am I still alive?' He got puzzled inside. But after a few seconds, John learned from the young boy's remanent memories that he was transmigrated to a mystical fantasy game-like world filled with magic and mystic powers! [Author's Note: The Mc will take some time to walk on the path of a fire mage due to less information about the world. So, don't get mad at me guys. If you feel anything wrong with the story, feel free to give me a review or comment. I will try my best and correct it. Have a happy reading!] ... If someone wants to contact me, you can send a request to my Instagram account or just send a mail. Contact via: akauthor02@gmail.com Discord: https: https://discord.gg/vuPtMRNB Instagram Id: https://www.instagram.com/akauthor02/?hl=en Cover Pic credit: RafaelMousob

    Ak02 · Fantasy
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    Gravity Mage with Level-Up System

    In the age of interstellar exploration, three hundred years ago, Mage explorers from the yellow river planet took their first step towards outer space. It was a joyous event for every mage on that planet, yet unfortunately, space is dominated by other races. The Peak level Mage from the Yellow River Planet was the weakest power in existence among other outer space races. It's a cruel reality for everyone. From then on, every mage from the Yellow River Planet began to increase their power level by consuming outer space resources. Then they constantly researched, upgraded the power level system and tried to pave the way for the next generation of space explorers. Now, our MC Vincent Carey's ambition is to be the next generation of space explorers. How is he going to increase his strength and compete among other races to get resources? How is the unknown little yellow river planet going to be known and feared by others? --- To find out further, read my new novel and support it with the power stones. Current Plan- 7Chaps/ Week. Target- 200 PS/ Week - 14Chaps/Week --- Support me via: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/AravindS9356 https://www.paypal.me/AravindS9356 --- Disclaimer: Fantasy and Fictional Story. Society is similar to Modern-day Earth.

    Aravind_S · Fantasy
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    The Divine Mage System

    Cassy had always felt different from others as if she didn't belong anywhere, and if it was because she didn't belong here but in another world, as if her destiny was more important than just going to college and getting a job after graduation. After a solar eclipse and apocalyptic visions, Cassy's destiny will be revealed to her, will she be strong enough to face the danger that will come her way. Fortunately, she won't be alone, her soulmate will always be there for her and so will her friends, together they will learn to fight and become strong enough to face the Demon Lord and his army that threaten not only their world but the whole universe. .........................   Extract 1: Cassy tried to struggle to stay conscious and listen to the doctors but it was as if her visions were calling to her and tired of struggling, she decided to focus on them and that's when she heard a voice. [The Divine Mage System has been activated. Introduction: The Demon Lord has been reincarnated and the Universe is once again threatened. Your Mission: Find the seven power stones and forge a weapon that can kill the Demon Lord once and for all. Find the strongest Warrior, he will be the only one capable of using your weapon and stand up to the Demon Lord. If you failed, worlds will be destroyed, humans will be enslaved, entire races will disappear. Do you accept your Mission? Yes/No] Extract 2: Cassy nodded and she snuggled into his arms, she wasn't yet used to having a boyfriend and she really didn't want him to leave. She didn't know that saying goodbye could be so difficult. Steven then delicately lifted her chin to raise her head and when his lips touched hers, he felt his blood boil in his veins and although he had decided to be soft and patient with Cassy, he let himself be carried away by the passion that she was the only one able to arouse in him. As he continued to kiss her, he guided her to the side of the building where they would be safe from prying eyes and as he pushed her against the wall to intensify their kiss, Cassy tied her arms behind his nape and then he felt one of her hands playing with his hair. His body pressed against hers instinctively and when Cassy half-opened her mouth to catch her breath, he took advantage of it to slip his tongue inside. ………………………….. If you like fantasy novels about mages, warriors, shapesfithers, dragons, demons, travel between different worlds, systems, weak to strong, family, this novel is for you. WARNING, the main couple will be a straight couple and the side couple will be a gay couple (BL), you have been warned, also it isn’t a slowburn romance and the pace of the story will be rather slow but never boring. There will be R18 content and all chapters with it will be marked. If you like this novel please add it to your library and vote with power stones and golden tickets :) My other novels : My Mage System (BL) - ongoing The Celestial Phoenix and His Guardian (BL) – ongoing Reincarnated to save the universe (GL/BL) completed

    CeliaNaya · Fantasy Romance
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    Tanky Mage System

    While a certain young man hides in a certain Ruins City, wanting to become a tanky mage through passive farming. Mages should focus on learning more spells and magic? There is no time to invest in body strengthening? Mages are defenseless when they run out of mana? None of these are a problem for Gurney and his Passive Farming System. Through the system, Gurney trains both his body and mind at the same time, he goes beyond the limits and logic of an ordinary mage. This is a mage who casts spells while tanking hits, his recovery speed surpasses even warriors and knights. This is the journey of a vigilant and careful mage who grows tankier and tankier. … With the rising waves of darkness, the steampunk steel ship sets sail on a journey and adventure. Whales sink to the depths of the sea, sirens sing with beautiful voices, calling out to the Transcendent sailors who hunt for mermaids. The mysterious Time Hunters who obey the ancient rules search for their prey. He who bears the title of “Hero” carries the burden of fate as he steps on the road to write a new page of history. Ancient “Sealed Ones” rush to break out of their imprisonment, wanting to create and release new “Supernatural Memetics”. The combination of steam technology and supernatural powers bring forth the era of “Transcendent Genetic Warriors”. Infant dragons who have just hatched watch as the Dragon Slayer digs out their mother’s heart from her body. Calamity level lifeforms sharpen their blades, stepping into the stage of this extraordinary era. The tides of the era surge and swirl, bringing along the mysterious fog of darkness… The indescribable existence nurtures and grows… Along with the stare of the Abyss… … Welcome to the Supernatural Steampunk Era!

    Black Sky · Fantasy
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    In a mage world

    (Disclaimer: cover isn't mine. please notify me if you are the owner and wants it down) "You talk about fairness?? The world isn't fair. Everything is about privilege in the end.The fortunate feed on the misfortune of the unfortunate. Think of the beast you killed for reward,ever thought it was unfair?" Alex snorted. What would you expect from a cultivator in a mage world? Alex dies while trying to breakthrough into the immortal realm. He is later transmigrated into the body of a teenager who had just died on earth. Witthout his cultivation, Alex , with the help of his immortal system, creates his own mage path that makes him defy Every logic of magic. Doing the impossible, facing all alone, undying, gaining lovers unintentionally and also enemies, alex now has to survive in Niniola, the realm where all mage reside with his family (siblings and girlfriends/wives), protecting them from all danger while at thesame time fulfilling the promise he made to a certain guardian. *Announcement*:: the first 60 chapter might be a little shabby because Alex just arrived and things are a bit messy but will certainly not fail your expectations Although the book includes romance. It would only get steamy starting after a little while, the first batch of Chapters are quite decent.

    Vee_High · Fantasy
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    The Genius Mage

    "The head of the London Association of Mages, the most powerful Saint Archmage in the world, Audrey Davis, accidentally transmigrated to another world due to a magic accident. She was an 18-year-old human girl. There was no magic here, only sword and battle aura. Due to her weak constitution, she was unable to cultivate battle energy and was bullied and neglected in the family. After her rebirth, Audrey was surprised to discover that although the girl's body couldn't cultivate battle aura, she was a rare magic genius. Perhaps she could use her body to break through to the legendary level of the Magic God. Everyone in the world was cultivating battle energy, while Audrey was secretly cultivating magic. Until one day, her enemies came knocking on her door. The entire family was invincible. Just as her family was about to be wiped out, the low-key Audrey could only step forward. ""In the name of the Goddess of Snow, summon the water sprites in the atmosphere and lend me your power to destroy my enemies—Frozen Roar!"" Audrey slowly floated up and released a blue light, like the legendary Goddess of Snow. The next moment, snow-filled the sky and froze the entire world. All the enemies were frozen into ice sculptures. ""Ah… My sword is frozen. My battle energy is frozen too. What kind of power is this?"" ""A god! This is the power of a god!"" … Everyone stared in shock at the miraculous scene before them. Other than the arrival of a god, what else could explain all of this? And what made everyone unable to believe was that the person who possessed the power of the gods was the trash that everyone ridiculed in the clan.

    AB · Romance
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    When A Mage Revolts

    Kubei was just an ordinary pencil and button pusher working a day job, hating his boss and making horrible speeches when one day he fell asleep after pushing an all-nighter. When he woke up, he was bound to a chair, facing three creepy robed women and in a body way too young and way too weak to be his own. As he slowly came to, he realized that he was no longer in the same universe as he was before. He had teleported to the Kingdom of Helius, where an all-powerful church rules its lands and wages war against the elusive group known only as Mages. Armed with an incredibly cocky neural interface that just won’t shut up and his own sheer wit, our MC will find himself not just fighting to survive, but maybe even something bigger than himself.

    Yin Si · Fantasy
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    Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

    He is a great fighter in real life, but he is mistakenly assigned a "Mage" job class in a virtual reality game! He is someone who uses power to conquer power, so he makes the most out of the mistake and transforms into a fierce Mage, versed in close combat, in the blink of an eye! By perfectly combining strength and spells, he uncovers a new path of gaming! Fireball? Chain Lightning? Frost Mirror… Wait just a minute; I’ve come to practice kung fu! Spells have nothing to do with me! What’s that? I’m a Mage? Oh, right! I am a Mage indeed. But… Are you certain I’m one? Alright… Feel the might of my saber! My sword! My hidden weapons! What? You’re saying I’m no Mage now? Let me prove it to you if you don’t believe me! But even if you believe me, I will still show you just how unstoppable a Mage who knows kung fu can be!

    Butterfly Blue · Video Games
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    Mage And Wolf

    What is a Lycan to do when the world begins to end around her? Exactly as she pleases, turning life after the apocalypse into an adventure to make the world a more fun place. At least for her. When portals open to other worlds, an influx of mana crashes the grid and the monsters and cultivation techniques of fantasy novels become her new reality, she can either embrace change and stand atop the world as a hero or die in obscurity. It had been almost a month since the first portals opened, since mana spiked into the long dormant ley lines of Earth and blew out the majority of the world's power grid. Almost a month since humanity found out they weren't alone in the universe, that in fact they'd never been alone even on their own world. Since the handful of remaining Fae, the vampire and witch covens, the werewolf and Lycan packs had become public knowledge. Knowledge that many were not at all prepared to accept. The leaders of the various supernatural factions had convened and decided that hiding our presence was no longer in our best interests, that it was more important to control public opinions than to continue to exist in anonymity. And that's where our story starts

    Aoki_Aku · Fantasy
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    The Mage of Primordial Chaos

    Please check out my newest book, Xianxia Online! --- From the moment Xuan Kai was born, he was fated to suffer. Devoid of any magical powers in a world where arcane power rules all, no one could protect him after his parents were assassinated. Betrayed by his friends, cheated on by his fiancee, and humiliated by his own family, no one would've blamed him if he ended his own life. However, he remembered his mother's final words as she passed him a stone pendant - "Live on." And as he held the rough rock in his hand, unbeknownst to himself, a never seen before magic element began waking in his body... "If fate wants to make me suffer, I will defy fate itself. If destiny wants me to die, I'll kill destiny first. If the heavens want to crush me, I will stand up against even the heavens!" ---------- Other novels: Endzone: Simulated Apocalypse/Xianxia Online/Ascension: Online/The Legendary Ghost Hunter Discord: https://discord.gg/g326rUc5Jv Support the author further: https://www.patreon.com/cyclxne ---------- The first arcs of this story have some illogical parts/interactions to it, which I apologize for. This is my first novel, so I wasn't that good at the time. However, if you keep reading beyond (chapter 80-100+) I guarantee you will not regret it. ---------- Note: The background image isn't mine. DM me on Discord for removal. ----------

    Cyclxne · Fantasy
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    Average Mage wants to reach the Apex

    All Zed ever wanted to achieve in his life was to become one of the greatest mages of all time. However, reality was cruel as not everyone was equal. No amount of hard work could defeat talent. Similarly, no amount of hard work could change your status in life. Whether you were born a peasant or a noble, that is the destiny you must live on. Zed learned this the hard way but even until his last moments, he refused to give up. After his passing, he woke up to an entirely different world with different values and culture. Would he be able to reach greatness this time? - Volume 1 is more focused in developing the bonds between the characters while volume 2 is where the story will truly begin. Oh and if you can't deal with an old man trapped in the body of a child (MC) and is raising other children but the children in turn, develops romantic feelings for the MC. Then this isn't for you. But don't get this mistaken, there isn't any pedophiliac content. The MC only considers them family.... for now...? Maybe, I don't know. Stay and find out? Up to you. P.S. I do not own the cover and if the owner asks to remove it, please DM me [Senpaipuku#8691] or email me [redrnrx@gmail.com]

    Senpaipuku · Eastern Fantasy
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    Infinite Mana in the Mage Academy

    Do not Read This.

    Wringbro · Fantasy