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Supreme Mage: I Began By Awakening Affinity With The Wind And Fire Elements

Su Xing transmigrated to a parallel world where the elements were abundant and monsters roamed the world. There were a fortunate bunch of people in this world who could sense the power of the elements and awaken their power as mages. During his awakening ceremony, he obtained a powerful talent. He received the blessing of the Fire Element. He was recognized as the Proud Son of Heaven who could one day become a Supreme Mage. Next, he received the blessing of the Wind Element. While everyone was astonished at his dual element affinity, no one knew that his system would lead him on the path to becoming the God of Law over the elements. He gathered the branches of the Tree of Life, the feathers of the flaming phoenix and the crystal core of the golden behemoth and forged the legendary Staff of Truth. He made contracts with Cerberus, the World Serpent and Leviathan, summoning the most powerful monster army. He practiced tenth tier forbidden curses, researched dimensional magic and mastered the ultimate mystery of the God of Law. Su Xing’s legend as the God of Law was about to unfold.

Supreme Magus · Urban
40 Chs