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  • His Indian Bride

    Romance, Comedy-drama. “Are you trying to resist my charm, sugarplum? ” he smirked and took a step close to her, cornering her near the staircase. “You are just too full of yourself, cupcake.” She said with a smug smile. “Oh, so you mean that you're not affected by all this hotness?” He said. She tsked and circled her hands around his neck and whispered. “Do you want me to be honest? You are really hot; as hot as smashed potato.” She smirked and pushed him and walked away with her head held high. Kitten has claws, eh! He thought to himself. Damien Ryder is a hot, arrogant, and ruthless business tycoon. He is nothing but pain is ass. But behind all this arrogance, there is a secret that Damien is hiding from everyone. A secret that is is painful at the same time his only healer. Vaidehi Aggarwal is a sweet girl next door, who lives with her big family in India. Sarcastic, Sweet, and clumsy Vaidehi is in a search of job and lands herself in New York, away from her family. What will happen when Ms. Sarcastic will stumble upon our hot arrogant Mr. Asshole? Romance will brew or they will strangle each other's neck? Cover credit- I don't own this cover. All the credit goes to the creator of this cover. ** Will be updated twice in week

    Potterhead_Niki · Urban
  • I Am Indian Crown Prince??

    When a normal Indian boy Was Transmigrated Into the body of Ashoka's Big Brother Susima. But when he was age of three, he got a system as his golden figure. There will be Fantasy + Historic Taste in this novel. Like What happened if industrialization was start earlier in India? What happened if ancient indian knowledge system was use properly? In ancient time we have started researching and promoting. There will be No World Conquerors quest part In this novel. If you want to support me, just comment and help me if I was wrong in some of my research.

    Learn_FasterThanMc · History
    Not enough ratings
  • CEO's Indian Girlfriend

    " Don't Come Closer To Me ". " Why ? ". " Get Out Of Here. Right Now ". " But, I Want To Help you out ". " Niha, I'm Warning You. You'll Regret It Later ". " No, I Won't ". " Okay Then, Bear The Consequences ". Ah.. Ohh.... WHAT happened next ? HOW did The Cold Hearted CEO also known as ' The Business Monster ' in CHINA fell in love with a pretty INDIAN GIRL ? If you wanted to know about their story, Read this Novel......

    Jaanu_The_Pearl · Urban
    Not enough ratings
  • Indian Couple in Goa

    Vella_Jatin · Urban
    Not enough ratings
  • The great Indian Empire

    Vikash is student in IIT Bombay who after his death got transmigrated into parallel world with different time line.He got body of price of ujjaini Kingdom of India in 17th century. Disclaimer This novel work on fiction and do not related to our history.Any similarity to real world history occurrence are purely coincidence.Thish fiction did not represent actual history.

    Ayush_Soni_4917 · History
    Not enough ratings
  • Mafia's Indian Bride

    HER "Excuse me, sir, I'm looking for my father." Sameera Krishnamurthy is a freshly graduated engineer who travels to America from India in search of her father. She is lazy. She is bubbly. In short, she is CRAZY. HIM "I will pluck her wings and trap her in a small jar where she knows nothing but me, where she sees no one but me, and then... and then I will enjoy breaking her." Vincent Vitale Salvatore is a mafia leader, in fact, he is Capo Dei Capi who handles the New York outfit. He is arrogant. He is ruthless. In short, he is THE DEVIL. THEM Why is Vitale, the boss of all mafia bosses, is interested in her? What does he want with her? Will Sameera be able to sense the trap she is walking into or will it be too late? Read this book to find out what happens when these two different worlds collide.

    caia_clearwood · Urban
    Not enough ratings
  • Indian girl travel back to Ancient China with portable space

    Anika, age 28 ..foodie chubby indian girl travel back to ancient China which is far different from her planet earth. She has space with her which give her unlimited foods, material supply with refill powers in it. She meets main lead qin mufeng and and his three brothers...they were waiting for their destined partner to arrive and bring happiness and blessing to their kingdom..in their kingdom where there is less population of females and females where regarded as queen. Anika was excited as she treated beautiful in that kingdom.Anika introduces her indian cuisine and customes . With the help of space she enjoy richness in ancient time and enjoy the love and care of her 4 partners

    Daoistfrdcyk · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • An Indian Overlord

    he was just a normal boy , he didn't have any ambition or aim in his life , he didn't show any interest in anything . but in this life he will rise above everyone with his memories of his previous life and his indian culture and gods . he will defy the heavens and slay the gods . a man only true to himself , not controlled by anyone or anthing , A man every little boy dreams to be .

    KirthiCk_Murali · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings

    Krishna went to his college days after died from the car accident. He gets the Male bull system and get the chance to fulfill his wish fuck the married and un married milfs around him. Also come to join the journey of Krishna to see his amazing life..... WARNING:This story contains adult content and netori. so please don't read if this is not your cup of tea.

    MYSTERY_001 · Realistic
    Not enough ratings
  • Erotic Indian Director

    Vikram Arora a assistant director is reincarnated in a body of another Vikram Arora, whose mother is the president of Vixen Entertainment Media Group. When Vikram finds that he can remember all the entertainment information from earth, He wants to become the greatest erotic director on this planet. Planet Name: Earth-69 Note: This novel is inspired from the novel 'Tear Down the Entertainment Circle' by Ginger Brown Suger.

    DaoistHHG8LS · Urban
    Not enough ratings
  • Continuation of Indian Empire in 1900s

    A nerd from 21st century reborn in 1900s as illetimate prince of Hyderabad, who later created an Indian Empire in foreign land. Expect around 4-5 chapter/week

    WangRK · History
    Not enough ratings
  • One Indian Girl !

    Mahipal_Pampaniya · Urban
    Not enough ratings
  • My Indian Girlfriend

    Mi_Clare · Teen
    Not enough ratings
  • Indian boy in parallel world

    This is story of boy wo reincarnated into parallel world with two power super perception and super speed. in this all thing are same as real world but cricket are world famous. cricketer are like God.

    Sonu_kumar_lion · Sports
    Not enough ratings
  • Fujairah Indian Escorts 0528604116 Indian Escorts in Fujairah

    Fujairah Indian Escorts 0528604116 Indian Escorts in Fujairah

    DaoistEMKYjs · Urban
    Not enough ratings
  • Indian love...

    Love can be expressed in different ways.... Here is an Indian love story about two person... Mayank and Pankhuri.....

    Pakheeprasad · Urban
    Not enough ratings