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    Filii Absentis

    Marisa Shaw was only 2 years old when she was taken from her cradle in the dead of night. She was raised by a mystery man for 14 years before being returned to her parents. Well.... not her parents, but a new pair. She was in the same neighborhood as a few of the kids she was with but when she asked them, they showed confusion. The child told her that she was raised here with her parents. Only Marisa had a collection of memories for her 14 years of containment. Marisa meets a few others who remember their time in containment so together they try to figure out what is happening. Will Marisa and her new friends figure out who is snatching toddlers? Will this mystery man try to kill Marisa and her friends to stop them? Will Marisa save countless amounts of kids from sad childhoods?

    Kiri_Stone · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • altalt


    "A boy lost, a king found." Enter the fantasy world of Louis, our MC, who recently receives mystic news. He is introduced to a concept he never once deemed as possible. And it is revealed to him he can awaken a power feared for many ages. There will be fights, there will be feuds, there will be family and there will be foes. Can he prevail over his adversaries and accomplish what he is meant to? Or will he crumble under the pillars of expectant pressure? *Art used for the cover art belongs to Carlos Herrera. (chaos-draco.deviantart.com) Copyright Anton Arkham 2021.

    antonarkham · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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