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    Survive in Nehelum

    Martin Chevalier an average young guy die suddenly after he finish his work in a grocery shop and get transported somehow into a mysterious forest. Then he saw it, a monster. But he was just him, a normal man. all he can do is run away. That how start the difficult journey of Martin and his adventure in the land of Nehelum. A land full of magic but torn by war and fear. His journey will forever change him.

    Lyako_Balin · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    Let Me Be A Necromancer In Peace!

    *Villain MC* After a gruesome near-death experience, something unholy and sickening takes root within our MC-Balin Percival-. Now with a newfound interest in all that is dark and gruesome, our MC aims to be a necromancer. However things don't always go as planned, as slowly but surely a harem of girls begin to surround him, preventing him from doing any actual productive activities. That is not to say that he doesn't get any re-productive activities done. *wink wink "Putting this up on Royalroad 221"

    LordofKaizen · Fantasy
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    Within reason ( BL )

    A human named lence meets another boy that is an elf named balin. Lances father suspects the elves of maybe getting an attack ready. He sends his son Lance to investigate. Lance being a secret writer fantasizing of the other races and Boys? Before meeting the elven ruler he drops off the series he makes as balin was waiting on the book series to continue. Well wanna read? There is action, romance and other things!

    Transcalledkeith · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    Moved To LordofKaizen Author

    *Villain MC* After a gruesome near-death experience, something unholy and sickening takes root within our MC-Balin Percival-. With a wicked and vile new interest in death, what sorts of vulgar and abhorrent schemes will he get into next? And in a world filled with mages and magical beasts, will there be an end to his evil? "Putting this up on Royalroad 221"

    Kurai_Takahashi · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    Tales of The Three Brothers

    History had always tracked record of some humans who tried to play god. After millennia of failure inventing technologies to create human or to properly clone one, some maniacs turned their attention to the alchemy and witchcraft. Eventually, a decade ago, one of them managed to create Balin, a zombie-like creature. The Annwn Empire was a place of power, tranquillity, and happiness, supported by a giant crystal as the empire’s life core. When a dark power born out of greed, betrayal, and jealousy destroyed the once strong empire, pieces of her powerful crystal core and some of her descendants were transported to earth. Both the Annwn’s crystal core and descendants took along the memory and pain from their homeland, disperse and settle amongst humankind on earth, absentmindedly changing the balance of power between the earth’s power users. Present day, Abel Lee and his long-lost younger brother, Danzel Lee, found themselves entangled in the middle of complex rivalry between the supernatural power users. They, too, have to deal with one dark power that is defiling humanity by transforming corpses into powerful monsters. Abel stands as the defender of humanity, the protector of the civilians, while Danzel falls in love with a mysterious girl that may not stand on the same side with his brother. As their journey went farther, they found out that there may be a darker secret about their past and family, and how it all started from the Annwn Empire royal family affairs. “Love itself is a good thing, but people often forgot how powerful it could get. One wrong mixture in the concoction, love will change into destructive power. Add it with narcissism; it’ll make you a wicked egoist. Add it with greed, and it’ll lead to mass destruction, a holocaust even. Add it with obsession; it’ll froze a man’s heart. Add it with disappointment; it’ll sprung hatred. Only when it’s added with compassion, will it give birth to a greater love and would benefit the greater good…” This is the brothers’ journey to find not only pieces of their past or to save the humankinds, but also to unveil the true meaning of love, be it between lovers or between siblings, and how the said emotion contains power that can change the whole world.

    kunshan · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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