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    Shancarlo_Cortez · Teen
    Not enough ratings
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    Maple a simple sweet girl beginner entering the game world on the sparkling eyes of her friend... who knew a BEGINNER who almost looks like a lost child will just face all her battles without knowing any attack....wait that didnt let her lose her CHERYPIE cute lost girl image never wanting to get hurt she always always to keep her defence high...but will it always be able to protect her... her so called "NORMAL" way to play the game just changes the whole game infront the eyes top rankers continue reading the book to know more and more if virtual gaming adventures from MAPLES view

    n_k_7780 · Sci-fi Romance
    Not enough ratings
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    Bofuri Fanfic or Something

    Something I do when tired or studying

    Wholesome_Daoist · Video Games
    Not enough ratings
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