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    Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

    Qiao Nian lived in the Qiao family’s house for 18 years before her biological parents found her. Suddenly, all the wealthy families in the city knew that the Qiao family had a fake daughter! A true daughter of an affluent family would be talented, gentle, and kind. A fake daughter would not be able to pick up any skills and accomplish nothing. Everyone wanted to see how miserable she would become when she went back to her ravine after being kicked out of a rich family! Qiao Nian also thought that her biological parents were poor teachers from Luohe County. Who knew that her brother drove a Phaeton that was worth three hundred thousand yuan! Her biological father was also a professor who taught at Tsinghua University! The big boss of the family of scums became a bootlicker and bowed in front of her grandpa… Qiao Nian was dumbfounded. Erm… this wasn’t the same as saying yes! After being freed from the family of scums, Qiao Nian was able to be herself. She was the top student in the college entrance examination, a live broadcast star and the heir of an invaluable cultural heritage… Her identities were revealed and when she started to appear on the hot searches in the city, the family of scums turned green. The anti-fans mocked: What’s the point of trying to fake an image? Aren’t you just sticking to my brother everyday? Qiao Nian responded: I’m sorry but I already have a match. Top Brother: @Qiao Nian. Let me introduce her to everyone. This is my sister. Wealthy Grandpa: My dear granddaughter, why are you working so hard? If you want a bicycle, grandpa will buy it for you! The rich and powerful in Beijing spread a rumor that Master Wang was hiding a wife in his luxurious house. No matter how much people tried to persuade him, he never took her out to meet anyone. If he were asked, he would say the same sentence. “My wife is from the countryside and she is shy.” That was until one day when someone saw the noble and cold Master Wang holding a girl’s slender waist while hiding in a corner of a wall and muttering with red eyes. “Baby, when will you give me a title?” [Fake daughter who is from a truly wealthy family] + [Two big bosses]

    Brother Ling · Contemporary Romance
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    I Have A City In An Alternate World

    Tang Zhen transmigrated to an apocalyptic world, where humans struggled to survive in various buildings that they built because the ground was covered in lethal dangers that were invisible to the naked eye. Tang Zhen transmigrated along with his mutated cell phone that was packed with miraculous applications. There were all kinds of cities – some could fly in the sky, some could submerge into the ocean while some could become invisible – and shocking secrets were hidden within them. The power of Tang Zhen’s city was… He established a city and quickly leveled up his army with speeding tools. Then, he dominated this alternate world by seizing other cities. He sat at the very top. Beneath his feet was a vast floating city guarded by dragons and surrounded by angels. Countless cannons were also set up at various corners of the city. A million miles ahead, in the depths of the ocean, there was another city as large as a continent awaiting his conquest.

    Han Mubai · Sci-fi
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    Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City

    As the leader of bandits, Yan Jinyi has been a bully for twenty years, and she ended up causing her own death. The next thing she knows, she wakes up and finds that she has become the Second Young Mistress of the Huo Family. Wielding her knife, Yan Jinyi starts to throw her weight around conceitedly again. Young Master Huo says, "If I'm still single, I'll probably marry my sister-in-law." Third Young Master Huo says, "If I could turn back time, I would have vied with my brother to marry my second sister-in-law. Miss Huo says, "If I were a man, my second sister-in-law would be my woman!" A CEO says, "I thought I was roguish enough, but I didn't expect Yan Jinyi to be more of a hooligan than I am!" The Best Actor says, "Huo Xishen, why are you still not divorced?" Second Young Master Huo points to Yan Jinyi and says, "She is mine." Rumor has it that the second daughter-in-law of the Huo Family can beat a home wrecker up and is especially good at making money. Countless bigwigs are lining up to make a cuckold of Huo Xishen.

    Wenyu Su · Contemporary Romance
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    When Game Becomes Reality: I Have Countless Legendary Passive Skills

    When the Heavenly Cave invaded and dungeons descended, the world was digitized. Zhang Xuan crossed over and transformed into an ordinary warrior, but he didn't expect that he couldn't learn any skills. Just when he was desperate, he found that his passive skills had all become SSS level. "Passive. Combat Technique (SSS rank) Your combat technique has become so refined that your probability of taking a hit against normal attacks is 0, while your own attack accuracy is 100%." "Passive. Focus Enhancement (SSS rank) You can keenly observe the battlefield and spot your opponent's weaknesses, so every attack you make will be 100% bludgeoning." "Passive. Rage Burst (SSS level) Your next close-range attack doubles the damage, while every close-range attack after that stacks the effect, with intervals longer than 3 seconds removing the tier and recalculating it. This was the story of a warrior who slashed his way into the world with his basic attacks!

    The City Of King · Video Games
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    Genius Daddy in the City

    An ordinary man, Ye Chen traveled to the cultivation world by accident and became a phenomenal immortal of that era. After 3,000 years in the cultivation world, he was betrayed and traveled back to earth through a spatial tear. Five years had passed in the mortal world, but when he came back with his abilities, he found out he now has a daughter!

    Beneath the Lonely Mountain Tree · Magical Realism
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    The City of Terror

    One day, Wei Xiao Bei gets dragged into The Dust World, a post-apocalyptic world ruled by monsters from myths, legends, games, etc. He also gains the power to travel between it and the real world, as well as the power called the 'Status Panel'. With this power, he chooses to strengthen himself to explore the vast mysteries and terror of the other world. What mysteries await him? What is The Dust World? Author's Synopsis: What the hell is this? What the hell happened here? How did my room become so ruined after a single night? The floor and table were covered in dust, his new poster of Zhang Liang Ying that had just been posted on the wall a few days ago had already become yellow and tattered all over. Even Zhang Liang Ying’s beautiful face became monstrous as if an old devil was looking at him with a terrifying smile. The walls were covered by a mist of cobwebs and the fruits placed on top of the coffee table were withered and rotted to the point that the mold on them had turned black. The fruits below even seemed to have turned into mush. The aluminium framed window that the landlord had just installed not that long ago was now covered in a layer of white ash and the glass was filled with cracks and covered in dust. The computer beside his bed was also covered by cobwebs and was accompanied by an empty water glass with a withered worm inside of it. Dust filled the air making Wei Xiao Bei choke as he tried to breathe. Everything seemed to be ash gray without any light as if looking at television static. After just one night, it seemed like everything in the room had aged for centuries or even millennia. Mother… is this a dream? This must be a dream!

    Daoist Fierce Tiger · Sci-fi
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    Once Upon a Time in New York City

    Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Not Cherry Radcliffe! This little red spitfire can take care of herself. A brilliant conwoman, she's the scourge of New York City's nightlife stealing specifically from terrible men. Scumbags beware! She has it down to a system until she finds herself repeatedly bumping into Scott Harkin, charming owner of The Wolves' Den, one of her favorite hunting grounds. Why is he everywhere? And how is she supposed to keep her life of crime from him across multiple identities? Things just got a lot more complicated! Read on for fairy tales like you have never seen them before! Anything can happen once upon a time in New York City. *cover art by polkadottedscrunchie*

    Mcllorycat · Contemporary Romance
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    Infinite Divine Gears in the City

    It has been 10000 years. The tide of spiritual energy has returned. The prosperous Tokyo has returned to the Edo Period and had hordes of supernatural creatures roaming the streets. In the desert, the Pharaoh was leading his army and awakening from his eternal slumber. Vampires and werewolves were locked in a constant battle in the Eastern European plains. Witches and evil spirits were traversing through the markets of Europa. The feathered serpent was stretching its body on the American Continent, opening its eyes during the cycle of death. Humans had fallen from the top of the food chain as they remembered the fear that the legends carried. In this world where demons and monsters roamed, Lester looked at the shadow of the ferocious worm cast on his body and told his system. ""Please give me a set of Sunfire Cape, Randuin's Omen, Frozen Heart, Spirit Visage, Warmog's Armor, Thornmail, oh yes, and the Gargoyle's Stoneplate, Force of Nature, Adaptive Helm, as well as Righteous Glory..."" He then brought his hands together against the trembling monsters. "I am not talented, but I am going to bust your heads open today!" "Grasp of the Undying!" Life Value +5 "Dark Harvest!"Damage Growth +5 "Overgrowth!" Life Value +2% "Gathering Storm!" Spell Strength +100 What? You want me to eat these mutated creatures? Let me tell you! I, Lester, will rather die of starvation or jump down from here than to... System: "Life Value +40" "Wow, it tastes great!" PS: This novel can be easily read even without gaming knowledge. Feel free to have a read."

    All things Are Vanity · Magical Realism
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    The Ultimate All-Rounder

    Xia Tian's life as a loser was forever changed when a car accident granted him Insight, a supernatural ability to see and percieve things which were previously unseen by the naked eye, such as what a person's wearing under their clothes or an enemy's weaknesses. The story follows the adventures of a loser-turned-OP man with the ability to excel in every aspect. Perfect exam scores, perfect jackpots, or perfect basketball skills — his newfound dominance called women to flock to him, from the beautiful campus queen, to a domineering company president, even an adorable girl would not escape his allure. Join Xia Tian on his journey of cultivation as he discovers the ghosts in his past lurking behind his newfound harem.

    Young Master of Flower City · Magical Realism
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    The God of War Was in the City

    He was the major general Michael and the underground king Hades. The moment he walked out of the prison, the whole world trembled. He bored a blood vendetta. Those who killed my parents and bullied my woman should be killed. Blood dyed the ground red. I, Michael, wound definitely became an immortal legend.

    Xuanting_Official · Magical Realism
    Not enough ratings
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    The Dead City.

    The Ivairis and Fleuran kingdom has been at war for a long time, and the Ivairis kingdom has always been victorious 'cause of their mighty knights and good weapons. But that wouldn't last forever, coming prepared and attacking at the right time, the Fleuran kingdom brought about destruction to the Ivairis kingdom. Hugo, an 18 years old teenager was a native of the Ivairis kingdom, and he died along with his family due to the destruction. He was given a chance to live again, but his transmigration wasn't much of a pleasant one. He found himself in a world that had undergone annihilation, a world that was experiencing the apocalypse filled with bizarre creatures. Granted a system, Hugo would have to survive this world, pass through whatever challenges. And who knows? He could bring an end to the apocalypse... Note: This book has three prologues, that's the life of the MC before he died and found himself in a post-apocalyptic world. You might find the first prologue boring, but don't judge the whole book 'cause of that. Try skipping the prologues and jumping straight to the fourth chapter, that's when the main story starts. If you find the prologues boring, skip them.

    Jeffson · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    Rebirth: City Besieged By Zombies

    Zombies attack; Doomsday arrives. Returning to the start of it all-- this time, he only wants to beat the living dead to a pulp!

    YY Is Not A Crime · Sci-fi
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    Devouring City: My Mobile City Evolves Infinitely

    This was an apocalyptic world where resources were severely short in supply. The rich had taken all the advanced technologies and departed to another planet richer in resources, while the poor had been abandoned in this world. As the more advanced technologies had been taken away, the world while it had very high-level theoretical knowledge had no technologies to support it. When Luo En transmigrated here, he immediately saw a mobile city. But the strange thing was that the mobile city's engine was powered by steam. He also discovered at the same time that he was actually a City Lord, and this was actually his own mobile city! Unfortunately, just a while ago, his mobile city had been discovered by another mobile city much larger than it. And it was actually being pursued right now. Just as Luo En was feeling nervous, the infinite "City Lord System" was awakened in him. All he needed to do was to devour resources in order to gain the Evolution Points required to evolve the mobile city. Luo En immediately devoured the ore resources in his city and evolved its engine. Then he went crazy with the boosted speed of the city, escaping from his pursuers and surviving in this world…

    Sano · Sci-fi
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    My Chaotic City

    # towerdefense [Infinite World] open beta had begun. Li Hanqiang entered the game and chose a rare archetype – The Chaos Ruler. This archetype cannot level up or switch to other archetypes, and it would be forced to fend against waves of mythical beasts. Other people’s games involved slaying monsters and leveling up, while his game involved getting beaten up by monsters. Fortunately, he could hire other players to help defend his fortress. To fight for player resources from other fortress rulers, Li Hanqiang posted an advertisement… “The most perfect and complete logistics support system! No need to worry about supplies if you come here to kill monsters!” “Still worrying about other players surpassing you in level? Come to Chaos City, level up faster, get more equipment, and experience less risk!” “Our powerful sorcerer’s defend tower would be your strongest backup. This is the only place where you can slay monsters without worries!”

    Phantom Moon Shadow · Video Games
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    Starting With a City as a Transmigrator

    After curing Earl Miller’s youngest son of a severe illness, the mysterious transmigrator, Wang Lun, doesn’t receive the promised 100 gold coins for his reward. On the contrary, he is conferred the title of Baron and receives Yale City—a city abandoned after all of its resources were exploited, and has now become a gathering place for refugees. Fortunately, Wang Lun owns a system that allows him to transmigrate freely between 21st century Earth and another world that resembles the era of the west during the early Cold War. He develops the city using resources from Earth—cheap and affordable items such as ceramics and glass cups are regarded as treasures and sell for a considerable amount of gold coins. He builds an army and supplies the soldiers with more advanced weapons. He brings over unusual seeds for farmers to plant and merchants to trade, allowing them to earn a fortune. He becomes a trustworthy city lord in this process, while also fulfilling his former dream of being a business owner. Due to the city’s thriving growth, others covet his success. Thus, wars erupt, threatening the peace of Yale City. How will Wang Lun go about being the savior of Yale City with his knowledge and resources as a transmigrator from Earth?

    Sheng Sheng Has a City · Eastern Fantasy
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    City of Desire

    Suffering the machinations of family, Remus is sent to the newly built border city of Greltheaven. A place filled with opportunities but also dangers. If it had been up to him, he would have stayed in the safety of the empire, slowly building his business as he had planned, but he did not have a choice, either go to the dangerous city or live a mediocre life. Which he is not willing to do. Swearing revenge, he packed his bags and moved to Greltheaven, a city of great dangers and fortune. ... A brothel is not an easy business to run, much less get success, but since fate had so kindly decreed it upon him, he will not only run the brothel but will make it immensely successful. He had plans, big plans for it; he only hoped the city would remain standing long enough to turn his small business into an empire. … There will be 5 Chapters a week, from Monday to Friday.

    AnWan · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    Apocalypse: My Technological City has Infinite Upgrades

    An asteroid flies off its orbit and heads toward Earth. Upon learning of this, the federation announces the disaster and builds shelters. The rich and various corporations build their private shelters, while the poor have no choice but to seek refuge at government shelters. Lorne is one of the poor, but fate has a different plan for him. A system appears in his head. It helps him survive and build the strongest technological city. [Iron Gate], [Alloy Gate], [Desert Eagle], [M4A1]... [Mechanic Crossbow], [Mechanic Cannon], [Laser Cannon], [High-frequency Laser Cannon]… [Hazmat Suit], [Exoskeleton], [Fixed Mecha], [Mobile Mecha]… [Wooden City], [Steel City],... As long as he has the necessary points, there is nothing the system cannot provide.

    Oranges are not Sour · Sci-fi
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    City: My Disciples Have Shocked The World

    # teachers # dailylife Ten years ago, Kong Xiuyao became the director of an orphanage deep in the mountain forest. On his first day on the job, he had received the [Disciple Growth System]. However, he had to agree to a request from the system to use its ability, which was to stay in the mountain until he had helped 100 of the orphans to grow into geniuses who would help the rest of the world. With that, Kong Xiuyao started to teach the orphans. There was one who had mastered the talent of the God of Investment. Another one had learned the way of the Master of Martial Arts. Then, one had memorized the knowledge of the Medical Saint. One perfected the technique of the Fengshui Master while the other gained the ability of the Legendary Appraisal. The disciples slowly left the orphanage began to shine brightly in every corner of the world. Ten years later, when the last orphan had graduated, it was time for Kong Xiuyao to leave the mountain as well. Just as he was about to start his own business, he came to realize that his students had all become existents that had changed the world.

    Lun Yu · Magical Realism
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    Raising a Giant Dragon in a Small Remote City!

    My name is Joshua. Half a month ago, I transmigrated to a land of swords and magic and became an unfortunate exiled prince. In order to go back to the Royal Empire and take back the throne that originally belonged to me, I had no choice but to start learning how to manage my own land. Just then, I awakened a special system panel and randomly drew a strange creature egg. After a short period of hatching, I received a baby dragon. This little one had great potential. As long as I could raise it, I could become a Great Dragon Ruler and use that power to take back the throne that was mine! But raising a dragon required inordinate amounts of resources. As such, I paid even more attention to managing my territory. I used my 21st-century knowledge to gradually transform this barren village town into an economic hub. With my meticulous care, the great dragon thrived and grew healthily, quickly acquiring astonishing prowess in battle. At the same time as I obtained the great dragon's combat power, I owned a bustling metropolis that made the rest of the Empire exclaim out in surprise...

    I don't want to be famous · Fantasy
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    Altera: City In Another World

    #Josei, #fantasy, #Strongwoman, #Apocalypse, #Adventure, #Infrastructure, #KingdomBuilding, #Romance, #ChildhoodSweethearts, #Game Elements, #System #LitRPG #System #Space #Soldiers ___ [Congratulations, Terranian survivor #99598, for activating the Universe Assistance System!] Althea, along with the remaining 1% of the population of their home planet, stared at the holographic screen in front of them in confusion. Their galaxy was apparently ending, and suddenly announcements from an alien system appeared in their heads, telling them they would be permanently transfered to another world. The survivors were all very depressed. First they were forced to survive in a zombie apocalypse, and now they had to survive a new world altogether? It just so happened that Althea was one of the few people who got the Lord Token, the ticket to controlling a territory---a supposed safe haven for her people. Althea looked at her very large stomach and sighed at an unknown future. Would she be able to build a good home for her children and fellowmen? And... would she and her husband find each other again? ___ [Cover image by AI] (c) All Rights Reserved

    Nispedana · Fantasy Romance