My Little Chinese Lover Book

novel - LGBT+

My Little Chinese Lover

Park KTH

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  • 40 Chs

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Wang Chen a 15yr old child star in China was called down to Korea for an Idol Trainee Audition by an all time famous Idol Entertainment Company. He was immediately accepted and put into their new upcoming debut group. Chen then encounters 17 new trainees who were gonna be his teammates in the future, finds them very chaotic but still great people, already falling for their charms. One of the trainees captures his attention the most named Lee Jihun, the youngest being just 14yrs old and resembled a hamster according to Chen. On confrontation they had apparently met before in China when they were just 10-11yrs old. Who would have thought these lost friends would meet in such a way!! They grew closer to becoming best friends, then having crushes on each other, by practicing together for becoming Idols. They had their misunderstandings but having feelings for Chen, Jihun confessed first not wanting to lose his one and only best friend with whom he fell in love with, right after their groups debut!! Thus, they started dating with the support of their other 16 teammates. They were divided into 3 sub units NEO 35, NEO U and NEO FREE under the group NEO. Chen and Jihun were placed together in NEO FREE along with Mark, Ren, Jino, Hajoon and Jae. A group for the youngest members of NEO. Let's see how the two youngest members of NEO fall for each other. Curious for the reaction of their other 17 teammates? Their company? Their fans? The media? Their parents? Also many other side couples which include their other teammates!!