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    During the Qing Dynasty, I was an assassin. But in this era, I was just a cheap mother's daughter who had to suffer with a bastard family. Escaped from the hell that we call home Doug encountered another headache. Pi Lan wanted to go crazy.

    jukkaland23 · Teen
    Not enough ratings
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    Anime Sexcapades Smut

    "Enter the Ultimate Animeverse!" In a realm where the lines between reality and fiction blur, a world like no other awaits. Imagine all your favorite anime characters, from samurai warriors to mecha pilots, wizards, and more, suddenly existing side by side. This isn't just a dream—it's a reality waiting to be explored. But it's not just about adventure or battles; it's about indulging your wildest desires. Whether it's challenging your favorite hero to a duel, joining forces with powerful allies... it must end with desires being unleashed and explored and the Animeverse has it all. Join our characters as they embark on a quest through this mixed-up realm, where every corner reveals a new surprise. But be warned, not everything is as it seems, and some desires come with unexpected consequences. Get ready to dive headfirst into the ultimate anime crossover, where your favorite characters come to life, and your wildest dreams are just a portal away. NB: You wanna be naughty? Feel free and hop in. Comment on the anime characters you want to see getting down and naughty as they bask in their desires.

    LESAH · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    Assassins at Zeus School

    April, the daughter of two professional assassins, has always been number one in school. Her entry into the Zeus school begins when she is replaced by a boy named Daniel who has come from the countryside. April will have to try to maintain a normal life at school while she hides the secret that she kills at night. Daniel enters the Zeus school for only one reason. When he was a child, he watched as his parents were killed. He will pretend to be a peasant and try to get closer to Abril and thus take revenge for the death of her parents.

    Charly93 · Urban
    Not enough ratings
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    Betrayed By My Comrade

    "Betrayed by my comrade" is a fictional tale that explores the concept of betrayal and its power to transform a person's outlook on life. The story revolves around a young assassin named Christie, who was taken from his home and trained to be a ruthless killer. He spent years performing his duties without question or remorse, until one day when he suddenly regains his memory. He soon realized the atrocities his actions had caused, and he begins to question the morality of his life. Despite his reservations, Christie is determined to redeem himself and put an end to the organization that turned him into a killing machine. He allies himself with other rebels, including his best friend, Sam, and together they begin to plan their rebellion. They succeeded but he was ploted against by the world and betrayed by his right hand man. Becoming a fugitive. will he be able to redeem himself and prove his innocence??

    Chrisy_Garry · Urban
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