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The story is proceeding nicely and smoothly from what I've seen so far, the characters are quite decent and the dialogue is pleasant to my eyes... Thus story doesn't really give of apocalypse because of the way the author writes(I don't really know how to explain it) but that's the premise... Personally I don't like some things about the story but I keep reading cause they are just minor things that have to do with my preferences...The MC is a bit of a Ignorant fool with his heart fluttering around when it comes to his interactions with girls(a bit) and the personality and mental changes throughout the story (47 chapters so far) are decently fleshed out. There are a some things I like about the story right now and I'll keep reading it. (also that crow,(yeah that one, it's the only crow he comes across) make it his pet or sumthin, not major to the story but still there, I think a lot of readers will like that)

Reverend Apocalypse


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