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As I see it, the books quality is still high but the content of the chapters are downhill, I know its bad when I just decide to skip it, and yes I have been reading a lot and im more focused on significant part, the problem of this book is is that it is too detailed and imaging things in your mind takes a lto of toll. im gonna take a break for this one as I've said its now worth it waiting for novel release in webnovel. I'll probably wait till its finished and then read it again. This novel was very fun to read my and its quite bad to just put it on the shelf and wait. The pacing was very good and there is quite few significant chapters every now and then. One thing that personally took me out of reading was his behavior, he risk and sacrifice things with unknown repercussions to himself, it is the story yes. One more, I see that he wants to be pope as stated in the title but why must he be in the holy lands and the under the church to do so, he strived to be a pope to attain peace which is obviously backed by power, why can't he do it other powerhouses. I don't see the need to gain their approval because when you become the strongest power things will naturally follow. As I see it, he is just a boy with an experience of a spy, I don't see why that is so great and everything just goes convenient because of it. What did he learn in this life excepth solarium? Im still waiting for the glow up though!💝


I Became The Pope, Now What?


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Supreme Wizards can still be dealt with enought Grand Wizards. Sylvester can surely go for a different route, but the thing is, the Church won't ever let him do it. He's too dangerous to be left alone. In Church's eyes, he's either with them or against, that's it. As for attaining power, it's not always just physical. Once he sits at the top he needs people, nobles, kings and queens to follow his orders. For that, he needs to earn their faith first.