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In just the first 20 chapters, the premise is already showing signs of being ignored in favor of focusing on generic cultivation novel themes. Sure the MC can't cultivate normally, but body cultivation isn't a foreign concept. And it just so happens that body cultivation requires a lot of medicinal herbs. Makes sense and should work out, but then things get weird. There's only passing reference to the MC actually using the system. And sometimes it's just ignored and hand waved afterward with a "oh yeah he did that, so that's why he can do this now". Speaking of the MC, the author doesn't seem to know what to do with him. Is he scheming? Kinda, not really. He does some unnecessarily scheme-y things, but do they matter? It's starting to seem like no, as it veers more and more into generic cultivation garbage. Angry clans, young masters, shadowy figures that speak cryptically and probably won't appear again for 50 chapters. Sure poisoning the sect elders, and then giving the antidote that contains a different poison seem like the edgy thing to do, but what advantage does that give him? Then he starts going into blood rampage mode for... reasons? There weren't any signs of it before, but sure, go slaughter for a month and ignore the herbs you should be raising. I'm sure the elder you asked to watch them will take care of it seeing as you poisoned him before. All in all, people making dumb decisions for dumb reasons, or even no reason at all. Mildly entertaining when it's not ignoring its own premise, generic stupidity when it is.


Xianxia: I Can Alter The Dates Of Herb Plants

Geqian South Pole

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yeah it's weird, but i like the concept of changing the year in plants


webnovel loves its generic cultivation novel


if its not that its gaming or beast taming


Nah the person above you should get with the times. Nowadays beast taming is overrated. We're moving on into newer pastures... Actually there has been no trend recently.