Xianxia: I Can Alter The Dates Of Herb Plants Book

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Xianxia: I Can Alter The Dates Of Herb Plants

Geqian South Pole

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Su Chen was reincarnated in a world of cultivators and became a herb disciple of a cultivation sector. His job was to tend to the sector’s herb garden. At first, he thought it was a boring job, but when he realized he had a [Herb Modification System], everything changed. He added 99,999 years to the Ginseng Fruit that needed a few thousand years to be ripe, and it ripened instantly. He added 9,999 years to the Deity Spirit Herb that still needed 8,000 years. Just like that, Su Chen spent most of his time at the garden, consuming Spiritual Pills as if they were candies and bathing in medicinal water. His cultivation began to rise. When the Old Master of the Demonic Sector activated the Abyss Formation and became invincible, Jiang Chen easily broke through the formation and killed the Old Master with a single slash. “Since when do we have such a powerful disciple?” the master of the Deity Sector exclaimed. “He’s our herb disciple…” replied the elder of the Deity Sector.


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