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Hey everyone, shameless self-review here! This story is completely and exclusively free(!) for all my readers because I care more about them and their pockets! There will be no locked chapters, donations, Patreon, Tikkie, basically no money, even if you force the money down my throat(sheesh, they get it author!). There are multiple reasons why, they are listed on the auxiliary volume, you can read more if you are interested(although literally no one reads it lol). So, coming to the writing part, I try to make it legible and want to finish this story soon(after my exams of course) because I have a habit of leaving things unfinished, but let me stick to my guns and try to finish it in a month(to a year :p ). The stability is okay, it's reliable once I get into the schedule(~cause I'm only human!!!). The development is pretty good though, not gonna lie. it's kind of a mystery with lore and an escape room plot(I love lore, thank you matpat, for inspiring me, too bad he's leaving :_( The character design is good, the world background is good, the character design is stellar and all I can say is if you want something fun but also shorter to pass time but also want to keep yourself engaged, and want to have that feeling of 'what's next, what would happen next?', then I would recommend reading it. The (first) book consists of 125 chapters, with 1250 words in each chapter. Each room has 2-3 parts, and there are 50 rooms in total. There, I've said everything I want to, oh wait, I forgot something! First.


Cryptic queen: hidden laboratory


Liked it!

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