Cryptic queen: hidden laboratory Book

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Cryptic queen: hidden laboratory


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50 rooms. 50 experiments. Lila Hawthorne wakes up, drenched in sweat, in a mysterious room. Tasked by an elusive organization, she must escape the different rooms, each harboring experiments that never came to light. As the stakes intensify with every challenge, she realizes there's more than what meets the eye. With suspicious characters popping up, she doesn't know who to trust. With dangers lurking in each corner, the fine line between survival and catastrophe becomes blurred. How did she end up here? Who is the puppet master? What are they hiding? As the suspense heightens, the only certainty is the secrets they hide- Lila's lifeline in this perilous game where the ultimate question echoes: will she, against all odds, get out alive? The clock is ticking. (The novel will come after May 2024. The author is on pause!)


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