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Great novel, almost too good even given that this novel is free to read. Everything from the overall plot progression, the fights, to the characters and their interactions. Every single character feels alive, none fading out of existence as they each have a role to play. Not to mention the character growth/development of the MC is beautifully done. That aside, this novel does have a downside, that being its updating stability. I’m lucky to have found it now that it’s already so far into the story, but from many comments it seems as though there were long periods of time without updates. Even as I binged these 400+ chapters, there hasn’t been a single update in what seems like over a week. Life happens though so can’t blame the author at all, this being something that they aren’t getting paid for as well. Anyhow, would without a doubt recommend reading this novel. Hands down one of the best I’ve read on this app, with me again mentioning that it’s FREE. Do give it a read.

The Harvester


Liked it!

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