The Harvester

Author: AhraManyu
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What is The Harvester

Read ‘The Harvester’ Online for Free, written by the author AhraManyu, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, ADVENTURE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Rakna was not normal. No, unmistakably not. Whether it was his appearance, his personality, his abilities, his identity,...


Rakna was not normal. No, unmistakably not. Whether it was his appearance, his personality, his abilities, his identity, nothing about him had ever been banal. Was it his choice? No. He was merely but a tormented soul doing its utmost to live the life it had learned to never enjoy. Would being picked by a glorified universal abductor calling itself a system bring something out of him? Would he finally learn to breathe in the pool of blood that suffocated him? --- Volume 1 - Seed: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B5KXGPD8 --- Update Schedule: I don't even know anymore (Nothing on Sunday). Patreon for the usual stuff: https://www.patreon.com/AhraManyu (Advanced chapters, unreleased and in-development work, etc...) Discord : https://discord.gg/yBQDvwb

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Right, I had forgotten self-reviews were a thing on this site... Well, well, what can I say? I guess I'm just gonna go through the five criteria given for a review. First of all, compared to my first book, I'm pretty confident about my writing quality. My English is certainly not advanced but it's solid, I think. But don't blame me for missing words or careless mistakes cuz I have the attention span of a... [insert dumb animal here]. The stability of the updates should be pretty consistent in the future if nothing goes wrong with my health. Story development, huh? I'm certainly the only one who can answer that with only two chapters in... Honestly, I'd say you can expect an extensive but linear kind of story development. That's all I'll say. Character design is not my forte, ngl. I can stick to the personalities I create but I sorta struggle to properly express them. But that's just my own take on my own work, you tell me. And finally, world background. To be fair, I'm liking the general picture I have in my head right now. The least I can say is that the world will be big; very big. Might be more than I can handle even. But I'll try. That's it. Oh, and from experience of people answering my review with: "Is this a harem?!" I don't know. I'm not sure. But, in all honesty, I'm probably going to get attached to the female characters so it has higher chances to happen than not. I'll see, you'll see. On this note, peace. ✧/ᐠ-ꞈ-ᐟ\ (I hope I haven't made any spelling mistakes in this shit, I hate that)


(I'll paste my review from scribblehub here] Enjoyable and fantastic world building. I'm a big fan of the personality of the side characters so far, they, and by extension, the world, feel alive. Bits and pieces of comedy sprinkled in here and there that made me crack a smile or two, nice sometimes strategic fighting and engaging fight scenes make this novel an entertaining read. Highly recommend reading.


Loved this novel so far (chapter 86), it has an intresting MC, with actually intresting side characters that are gradually being developed. The progression of the plot and characters has been great, with us learning more about the MC and the setting in general. It has avoided bad tropes, and the characters act far more like human beings than in other novels. 10/10 recommend to everyone.


good novel [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Overall, the rate of progression is very good. MC doesn't get super strong super quickly but it also isn't slow. Its balanced perfectly so that after you get adjusted to a new skill of his, you are then sitting on the edge of your seat to see how he will continue to progress. Not every increase in power is large, sometimes its just one or two new auxiliary or small skills so you don' have to worry about MC getting crazy evolutions and skills every few chapters. Not only does the MC progress steadily but the side characters too. MC is op but not to the point that its ridiculous. A lot of the reasons he is op is justified and explained when learning about his backstory, and rest you can file under MC luck, because you wouldn't want some average joe Mc. But he is still balanced and has to struggle from time to time. He doesn't get a bunch of skill all at once and each skill is explained in its entirety. The skills themselves are not usable straight away either, MC and the other character need to learn how to use their skills and the different ways to use them on their own, which takes time, so there are chapters where he is just getting used to a new skill are or trying out an different application for a existing one. MC also is climbing floors and gaining levels like a psycho either, if anything, anybody else at his skill level would probably climb floors faster, however that doesn't mean MC doesn't progress. It could be argued that he progresses more when he is not trying to climb floors then when he is. The skills and powers in the story are very unique and there are very very few clichés throughout the story. MC is also very unique in the way he thinks and his personality (both of them) and you won't get bored of him whether your learning about his past, or watching him slaughter hundreds of monsters while thinking about what he is going to do later. The world background is very good, and there are no giant confusing info dumps. We learn just enough to know how the overall of how things work and that the world is very large, but without giving us actual details about a lot of the world until they are relevant for the story or the MC has reached a level where he would learn of it. When it comes to the writing quality it is pretty much perfect, barely any typos and the English is easy to read. When it comes to comedy, it is not overly abundent or forced and flows in with the story very well and will always make you smile from time to time. If I had do give a downside to this story, it is that it isn't as popular as it should be and I want more chapters per week.


Let me tell. I have read countless novels on this site, but I would always drop them around the early or mid stages due to it being soooooooo boring. But this novel is a work of art. THE FIRST NOVEL IN 3 MONTHS I HAVE NOT DROPPED> AMAZING


When I started reading this book I thought that author and I are brotherly souls as thats exactly something I would like to write calm but with the undercurents mc main weapon quindao, even the way story developed at the start loke snake pet... Even in later stages of the story there is some parts similar to what id like in mine mc or side characters like smithing, runemaking even the animal trinity is wery similar to mine favourite (wolf-wolf, wite tigeres- liones, eagle - luquila). Ovaral a very very satisfying story to read as it goes on the development line I would favour the most. Good quality deap characters especialy mc, nice back story and a world building that has a twmpering of two boos. RECOMENDED FOR ALL to atleast try and not quit until the end of trials


well I'm enjoying how the work is going crazy mc see him without problem in becomes cruel to enemies without being a coward to dirty the most is what I hate the most mainly at the level of struggle the character design is cool i really liked the mc I also see female characters with unique characters I'm a huge fan of the MC Monster novel myself and you left it in a really cool way without him becoming a monster in the first chapter and returning to human in the third to never see his monster form again I’m also a fan and evil powers but I’m really enjoying your originality like (fireball) (fire wall) different thing different things like create a fireball that floats and shoots fireballs at the enemy for 30 seconds then disappears like that and with evil powers now it gets better still hahaha. ah and universal expansion makes the adventure even more complete with different monsters many enemies and many other races well i'm very stuck with your story here why 1. best werewolf novel I've ever seen 2. harem 3. beautiful girls with unique and funny characters kkk 4. mad, lunatic, cruel, decisive, and protective mc with loved ones:D 5. lots of funny and different characters 6. large universe with many other worlds and good adventure 7. oh also for having a sense of danger 8. animal companions I like that a lot from Chinese novels 9. unique and exciting world system 10. mc with unique and original ability is that; D


Really Good book Interisting story Something Some times complicated But i Love it And now some random shit: 6tudjdijufpktpu85€%/=8__=%_%}□>□♤○>□♤○>■□☆{<{\><[|5|9>5~}♤♡□<<♤{■♤●♤♤○6<[>4●♡<<\[<\}♤{\♤{}|5□□{|86{|6


I love both of the books you got to read the first one if you want to understand this one fully but truly great book would highly recommend 10 out of 10 good job


best novel I've ever read , along with his other novel ofc


This novel so far is absolutely amazing. First of all, it started with tons of small bits of information about both the Protagonist and the world itself, all hooking the reader into the story and givinng them good reason to read your other novel, Life Hunter, for any context. Secondly, from the very first character interaction, you display how the protagonist is different and show why that’s both a good thing and a bad thing. This allowed you to make use of unique paths to develop his character as the story progresses. Third of all, every character feels alive and real, with each of them having flaws and strengths to develop as the story progresses. The actual character introductions and interactions are all well explained and well managed, never too slow, fast-paced, or hectic, and I can’t remember any major info-dumps that halt the actual telling of the story. Fourth, the protagonist rarely if ever falls into the normal stereotypes or cliche pitfalls that a majority of Main Characters do, and even if he does, it’s well explained why he did and how it won’t affect him negatively from now on. He’s constantly growing and changing as a person as he climbs the plateaus and gains close friends to travel and grow alongside. Fifth, the Lore and information pertaining to the world and the powers each individual possess are all kept track of extremely well, allowing the reader to just enjoy the story without glaring inconsistencies ruining the experience and shattering immersion. Overall, a newer concept of climbing Otherworldly Towers with an omnipotent and omniscient System watching over everyone turned completely new again using a unique perspective to flip the negatives about the genre on their head and boost the positives even higher.


Que novel incrível, completamente viciado. Espero que seja uma historia grande como a outra. .................................................


man I don't know what to even say except it's great. Well I'll say for sure once I read it 😂 anyway just came from the previous book not even knowing the author made another book and just from the last one I'm willing to give five stars *chef kiss*.


By far (even if it's incomplete now) one of the best novels I read until today, the protagonist isn't usual, his reasoning, the way he acts, how his power works, even if it's similar to characteristics that are common in other main characters, he has unique points that distinguish him from the others. I don't have complaints about the other characters. The world is almost perfect, it's the first time I enjoy seeing technology and fantasy in the same world, almost like a symbiosis. If there is a bad point about this book, it's the frequency. Please release more chapters, 6 per week is a little bit sad.


Really loving the book, the writing quality is really nice and the main character personality is amazing, I hope to see more chapters coming soon!!!


Author you have earned my respect, this novel is a hidden gem, I can see this novel making its way up the power rankings, though at times the MC seems to be strolling by adversaries he comes across, maybe tone down the plot armour(i.e his luck, the mythical creatures he comes across and easily subdues them, etc) but other than that I like the MC mentality, the side characters has potential to grow with him. Amazing world background I get the God of tower vibe with your standard fantasy system MMO which is a new spin to the concept. That's all I have to say.


good story. The characters are well developed and diversed. The writing quality is prefect and readable. Their is a constant flow of stable updates. The background and settting of the story is well established. I hope i can get some more chapters soon.


Good ........................... ........................... ........................... ........................... ........................... ........................... ...........................


this is great 👍👏👌😄🙌🤣👍👏👌😄🙌🤣👍👏👌😄🙌🤣👍👏👌😄🙌🤣👍👏👌😄🙌🤣👍👏👌😄🙌🤣👍👏👌😄🙌🤣👍👏👌😄🙌🤣👍👏👌😄🙌🤣👍👏👌😄🙌🤣👍👏👌😄


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