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ZuoMeng: To Dream


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It was supposed to be her wondrous wedding day, the happiest day of her life yet it had turned into a nightmare. Sun YuQiao was murdered by the one she loved and fell into Hwang Quan (Hell). However, with heaven on her side the girl escaped, and it gave her a second chance. By a stroke of luck, YuQiao possessed Bai LiQin's body at her moment of death. However, she lost her memories in the process. Living as LiQin, YuQiao suddenly gained a very rude and strict husband, ZhenYu. YuQiao first thought was running away but alas, when her memories return? Will she want to continue living as LiQin, or will she refuse such a life to chase after revenge? And soon those who are hidden will try to seek her out, she will find herself caught in a perilous web of intrigue between power, magic, and demons. A Chinese tale weaved with revenge and romance. Living in fear of knowing. Living in the fear of remembering. What is longing? If no one knew. What is love? If no one remember. What will be her ending? Original story***Update once every week (unless mentioned otherwise)