Young Master in the Apocalypse

Viktor was the youngest son of the richest and most powerful man in Russia. Anything he wants, he gets. No one dares to offend him, and every day, he's living a life of a king– Until apocalypse comes. His life is miserable! Or not. After spending two years hiding inside his luxurious Romanov bunker, living life the same old way full of alcohol, delicacies, and supermodels, he's finally forced to come out of his diamond turtle shell. Now, the world has become such a different place. His money, his friends, his status, all have been rendered useless. He was greeted with hordes of undead, mutated monsters, Alien technology, and superhumans that stood between him and his future. Fortunately, Viktor has found a Divine Artifact among his family's hidden treasure, The Djinn lamp that granted him the power to survive the new world. [You have received the spirit energy of stage two undead - level 10] [You have received 3 points in endurance] [You have received 5 points of spirit force] [You have reached a breakthrough into a new realm] With his newfound power, will the young master survive the apocalypse? Or will it only push his luck until he dies? This is the story of an arrogant young master on the journey to find the best thing; luxury, power, and jade beauties even in the apocalypse --------- Author Note: Although set in an apocalypse world, this is a light story about adventure, friendship, and romance even among harem companions that will hopefully brighten up your day with some action and comedy. Please be warned that it has minimum sex explicit content. Check video trailer in youtube "Young master in the Apocalypse"

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Viktor Romanov

Last night, Viktor had quite a blast.

It truly has been a while since he went all-out and hosted a party until he ended up so wasted like this.

The sound of music from yesterday seemed to follow him and he could feel it reverberated in his ears. In the meantime, the comfortable sensation of the soft, silky bed sheet caressing his body made his mood even better.

All around him were three gorgeous, naked girls who were currently sleeping while their soft breath tickled his skin. All of them each have their own distinct beauty, which is not inferior to one another.

Viktor cast his gaze at the crystal lamp hanging at the ceiling of his penthouse as he thought back to last night's events.

A wild night, where he managed to tame three girls at the same time.

"The brown-haired girl was sort of cute, but nothing beats a redhead… Mmm, but still," He clicked his tongue in approval. "The blonde girl's dexterous tongue deserves an extra points."

Viktor yawned and stretched his hand, before he reached towards the women and wandered around their soft, silky skin. At last, his hand grasped an object for a little morning finger exercise.

"Pretty firm, indeed… we Russians do raise the world's best supermodels"

Viktor glanced at the clock, and saw it was just a few minutes after noon. It seemed that he had woken up too early, and as such, he decided to go back to sleep.

Right as he was about to drift into slumber, he was startled by a loud, hurried knock on the door.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Young master, please open the door! It's an emergency!"

However, no matter how serious the man sounded, Viktor decided to ignore him. After all, there was no such thing as an emergency in his dictionary.

Not for Viktor Romanov, the son of the richest and most powerful man in Russia. Even if the prime minister found out that Viktor was sleeping with his daughter, it still wouldn't be considered an emergency for him.

"Go away! Don't you dare bother me," Viktor said without getting up.

However, instead of leaving, there were sounds of kicking and hitting before the door fell off its hinges. This immediately made Viktor's body shoot from the bed. It was clear that he was enraged at the disturbance.

"Are you trying to court death?!"

However, his anger did not last long. It quickly turned into utter shock as he watched a dozen men in black suits enter his room.

Viktor knew right away who these people were. They were his family bodyguards, but it surprised him that they dared to enter his room while holding hand guns.

"The room is clear!"

The incessant noises made the supermodels sleeping all around him wake up, they were startled by the commotion. Of course, it only added fuel to Viktor's ire.

"What the fuck is going on?! Someone better explain to me or today's next year will be your death anniversary!"

The crowd of men in black grouped after making sure everything was clear. They then suddenly stepped to both sides, revealing an old man that walked through the door.

"Young master, Master Romanov has insisted that you follow us immediately."

The old, frail-looking skinny man was one of his father's trusted aide. Viktor finally realized that whatever it was happening, it seemed to be more dire than he thought. Therefore he quickly got up and followed them into the car.

It was a black military jeep, and it headed straight to the Romanov family mansion.

On the way, he saw people running around in panic, as grey smoke rose up towards the horizon. However, none of these things bothered him. What he was thinking in his mind right now was why they are going there by the jeep, not the limousine.

Within a few minutes, they finally had arrived. The moment he stepped out of the vehicle, Viktor saw the garden of his family's mansion was filled to the brim with bodyguards. It was as if a war that had been brewing for a long time had finally exploded.

But still, this sight was not enough to shake him. With a calm, indifferent expression, he made his way into the mansion, laid on the sofa, and shouted.

"Why is everyone so tense? Here, how about you just give me my fucking lunch?!"

As if summoned upon, a servant walked out from the kitchen bringing a dish of rare Kobe beef with oyster on the side and some red wine. After he ate, his father's aide briefed him of what had happened with the world.

On that day, right at noon, all electronic devices in Moscow and all over the world were suddenly fried by a mysterious EMP wave. Hence, none of their normal cars worked.

The wave had caused numerous airplanes to fall down from the sky, along with the total shutdown of all networks. This situation created a massive panic, and the city has suffered multiple casualties due to the havoc.

Things turned to the worst when eight out of every ten people started bleeding from their eyes.

They called it a pandemic.

However, the Romanov family knew better than to give in to such rumors. Viktor's father gathered all the family members and friends who did not get the 'virus' and sent them to the protective bunkers.

The Romanov family has a dozen secret bunkers all over the motherland, and Viktor would now be taken to one of them, that is, Romanov Vault 004.

"What the fuck! Don't you know 4 is a very unlucky number?!"

His father was once a part of the Russian mobs who headed one of the most influential gangs in the world, while his mother was a Chinese superstar. He was raised with the best of both worlds, which resulted in a superstitious person with a strong belief in the cause.

It was an absurd sight. While everyone was panicking over the apocalypse, Viktor was sitting there on a comfortable sofa, arguing about the number of the vault he was assigned to.

In the end, he concluded. "Fine, well then, can I at least make some requests for my vault? I am sure my brother and sister will have their own privileges!"

Knowing better than to argue with the young master, and knowing very well that a world-ending threat would become reality within the span of a few hours, the aide quickly agreed to the young master's request.

Within the next few hours, the bunker that was made to hide from a world-ending threat was transformed into his personal heaven.

Liquor, delicacies, top of the line entertainment consoles, world-class chefs, masseuses, and supermodels. All of these people were invited to live in the three story luxury bunker. The bunker was huge enough to house a lot of people, but not all of the invitations reached the people it was intended to, which was to be expected.

Meanwhile, those who did receive the invitation had no luxury to reject such an offer.

Everyone he requested had gathered in front of the bunker, and after everyone came in, Viktor was last, right before the doors were closed with a loud thud.

He looked at the crowd of people who had gathered within the bunker with hungry eyes.

"Let the party start!"

Welcome to my fourth novel, This story is for those who got bored with another sad orphan MC, let's do a happy young master MC instead! please read a few more chapter to see what kind of character he is

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