Young Master in the Apocalypse

Viktor was the youngest son of the richest and most powerful man in Russia. Anything he wants, he gets. No one dares to offend him, and every day, he's living a life of a king– Until apocalypse comes. His life is miserable! Or not. After spending two years hiding inside his luxurious Romanov bunker, living life the same old way full of alcohol, delicacies, and supermodels, he's finally forced to come out of his diamond turtle shell. Now, the world has become such a different place. His money, his friends, his status, all have been rendered useless. He was greeted with hordes of undead, mutated monsters, Alien technology, and superhumans that stood between him and his future. Fortunately, Viktor has found a Divine Artifact among his family's hidden treasure, The Djinn lamp that granted him the power to survive the new world. [You have received the spirit energy of stage two undead - level 10] [You have received 3 points in endurance] [You have received 5 points of spirit force] [You have reached a breakthrough into a new realm] With his newfound power, will the young master survive the apocalypse? Or will it only push his luck until he dies? This is the story of an arrogant young master on the journey to find the best thing; luxury, power, and jade beauties even in the apocalypse --------- Author Note: Although set in an apocalypse world, this is a light story about adventure, friendship, and romance even among harem companions that will hopefully brighten up your day with some action and comedy. Please be warned that it has minimum sex explicit content. Check video trailer in youtube "Young master in the Apocalypse"

Avan · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
229 Chs


Realm RANK

Rank "spirit force "spell Tier

Mortal realm - initial stage "1 - 10"

Mortal realm - mid stage "11 - 20"

Mortal realm - high stage "21 - 29"

Mortal realm - peak stage "30"

Earth realm - initial stage "31 - 50" Tier 1

Earth realm - mid stage "51 - 70" Tier 2

Earth realm - high stage "71 - 99" Tier 2

Earth realm - peak stage "100" Tier 3

Sky realm - initial stage "101 - 150" Tier 3

Sky realm - mid stage "151 - 250" Tier 4

Sky realm - high stage "251 - 499" Tier 4

Sky realm - peak stage "500" Tier 4

Saint Realm - "500 +" Tier 5


The Timeline of the Novel - Location

85 BC - Earth's Greatest Magus - Earth

2019 December - Doomsday Pillars - Earth

2020 January - Blood Elf Monarch - Different Planet

2021 November - Young Master in Apocalypse - Earth

All novels are under the same Spirit Magus Universe but don't need the reader to read all to enjoy each story, but please do check the other novel. Thank you

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