Young Master in the Apocalypse

Viktor was the youngest son of the richest and most powerful man in Russia. Anything he wants, he gets. No one dares to offend him, and every day, he's living a life of a king– Until apocalypse comes. His life is miserable! Or not. After spending two years hiding inside his luxurious Romanov bunker, living life the same old way full of alcohol, delicacies, and supermodels, he's finally forced to come out of his diamond turtle shell. Now, the world has become such a different place. His money, his friends, his status, all have been rendered useless. He was greeted with hordes of undead, mutated monsters, Alien technology, and superhumans that stood between him and his future. Fortunately, Viktor has found a Divine Artifact among his family's hidden treasure, The Djinn lamp that granted him the power to survive the new world. [You have received the spirit energy of stage two undead - level 10] [You have received 3 points in endurance] [You have received 5 points of spirit force] [You have reached a breakthrough into a new realm] With his newfound power, will the young master survive the apocalypse? Or will it only push his luck until he dies? This is the story of an arrogant young master on the journey to find the best thing; luxury, power, and jade beauties even in the apocalypse --------- Author Note: Although set in an apocalypse world, this is a light story about adventure, friendship, and romance even among harem companions that will hopefully brighten up your day with some action and comedy. Please be warned that it has minimum sex explicit content. Check video trailer in youtube "Young master in the Apocalypse"

Avan · Fantasy
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Carpe Diem

Viktor stepped out of the massive bathtub and looked at his image reflected in the mirror atop the nearby sink to start his 30 minute daily grooming routine.

First, he brushed his teeth and cleaned his tongue, then he applied some eye cream for the black circles underneath. Afterward, he went through a full-body skin moisturizing to prevent wrinkles and rejuvenate any dried skin. Last but not least, he trimmed his beard and shaved away the messy hairs on his neck.

Such a routine was consider normal for any man who has reached 21 years age.

When all are set, Viktor would do his final routine, that is, to stare at his own eyes for a minute.

He would look at his dark hair, the well-trimmed beard, and the beautiful blue eyes on top of a body that looked like it was sculpted by the gods themselves.

Then, as he stared at his reflection, he started the usual self-meditation technique to help appreciate one handsomeness before starting the day properly.

Afterwards, he proceeded to wear his everyday comfortable yet luxurious pajamas along with a pair of slippers. The clothing choice gave him a great casual but fashionable style, perfect for his daily activity.

He walked out of his 6 by 4 meter room and entered the bunker's living room. At the moment, the room has already been filled by 25 people, a combined total of his guests and employees.

One world class chef, a certified bartender, two Asian masseuses, a pianist slash singer, two sexy hostesses slash dancers, a doctor and twelve friends.

All were under 25 and healthy to ensure the maximum level of chemistry in the bunker residence.

Other than those people, the bunker had also been armed with four bodyguards, all formerly from the military special forces, and one 13 years old kid named Barry.

The kid looked around, ensuring everything was in order, before he came to report.

"Young master, everyone has gathered as per your request."

Viktor glanced at him, gave him a dry smile, and said. "Of course, Barry, I can see that."

The young kid was the son of his family butler. All part of an agreement he made with the man in charge of the guest list.

Viktor has seen the boy a few times before. He's a good kid really, only a little slow in the head.

As for the reason for letting the boy in his bunker?

He was in need of someone he could order around everyday doing his whims, hence his agreement.

He then made his way to the podium in the center of the living room and stood there, staring at his employees and guests. All of them looked really tense, as they knew well why they were called here.

Overall, this somber atmosphere couldn't be helped. Not more than an hour ago, right after dinner, a short video was transmitted from the outside world, to be shown for him and all the other people in the bunker.

The video, which was about ten minutes long, showed how Moscow has been completely taken over by the undead. Apparently, all humans who contracted the mysterious disease and had their eyes turn red would turn into such living abominations after 24 hours.

From the streets, the camera panned to show that living corpses had filled out the red square out of the Kremlin. A montage of different footage showed that the same thing was happening all over the world, and in the end, it told everyone in the bunkers to stay in until the problems were solved.

Seeing the video once more made his guests become worried, and a few even cried in fear. Simply put, it was such a gloomy situation. It even made the usually nonchalant Viktor unsettled as well.

In reality, he really was furious. He invited these people specifically to make his days in the bunker more bearable, but now all the crying and wailing made him lose his appetite at dinner.

Because of this matter, as the master of the bunker, he knew that he needed to say a few words to placate these people. Otherwise, his life here would not go as he wanted.

"My friends and colleagues, I know that this situation is nothing short of concerning to us all… We all have someone left outside that we are worried about, and I completely understand how that feels."

Under the eyes of everyone, Viktor's expression turned to sorrow before he continued.

"I… I myself had to leave Max out there in my condo. I imagine that he, too, is currently lonely. I mean, who is going to feed him?!"

Thinking about his Siberian husky being left there all alone made Viktor emotional, but he continued his small speech regardless.

"But, let us celebrate the fact that we are safe. Let us live for all who were less unfortunate and had to succumb to such a tragic fate. Today, we refuse to fall into sorrow, for we brighten the day!"

Viktor took out a glass of Vodka and raised it up high, letting the liquid inside slosh and cloud the glass.

"Carpe Diem!"

Half of them followed him and drank a glass of liquor as the servants poured the vodka for the guests one by one.

Unsatisfied with the lackluster response, Viktor raised his glass once again.

"YOLO!" He chanted, and little by little, everyone started following him chanting the same words over and over again. "YOLO!! YOLO!!"

"Alright bitches, that's more like it!" Viktor addressed the crowd with a grin. "With that, let's get the party started. Music!"

Viktor shouted while pointing towards Barry, and the shocked kid quickly ran to the corner of the room to put a vinyl disc on and play the music. An upbeat tune quickly rang throughout the place, elevating the previous gloomy atmosphere.

"I…. Had…the.. time… of.. my life…"

The alcohol slowly took away all of their worries when people start to laugh and dance. It was quickly followed by two beautiful hostesses slash supermodels who started to dance and remove their tops off. Viktor who saw this had a wide grin on his face while his eyes became slits.

"Yeeeesss!! Carpe Diem!"

If only people could compare, they would know that the party was as wild and crazy as the massacre happening right outside the sealed bunker. No, in fact, it was crazier.

For those who dont know

YOLO - You Only Live Once

Carpe Diem - Seize the day

as for the song it was from the old movie dirty dancing, but please check out the remix disco version

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