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And the Story Begins, On the Beach

"Uggggh…." I slowly begin to open my eyes as the sun hits my face before I notice three small and cute animal looking things looking down at me, a pink cat thing, a cartoony looking sheep and a cartoony looking Chicken.




They all Squawked in shock of seeing me wake up before all of them rapidly running away from me as I rubbed my face as I looked around the area as I sat up to look at my surroundings.

I get up and look down at myself as I see myself wearing what appeared to be a ragged piece of cloth like Toga and ancient looking sandals, how I got these I have no clue.

"What…. Happened? I remember I was out on a cruise ship with my family, nothing to much really and after having fun out on the pool on the deck I went back to my room to play this new game Palworld I just got and then…." I mutter to myself as I look at my reflection inside of the sea water as I look at my face to see if I have any wounds.

"I look okay…. But what happened to me?…. Did I get ship wrecked?" I say looking around but I don't see any debris of a ship anywhere.

"Wait…. Those animals…. Aren't those the animals actually Pals?" I say remembering those three pals that were looking at me when I woke up.

*Bwwwwm Bwwwwm*

I heard a faint humming nearby as I looked around to discover a tablet laying on the ground causing that sound as I went to grab it as I brushed off the dust and sand on the screen.

'Reach the World Tree, The Towers are the Key' it said before it faded away before a new screen popped up on it.

[Main Quest! Find a Way Home]

[Description: You have some how ended up on the mysterious Palpago's Islands and have no way to get home]

[Objective: Clear all 5 Towers by defeating thier Guardians and gaining their Towers Tokens before the Way to the World Tree is opened and Defeat the Final Challenge that awaits]

[Reward: Access to the Gate of Worlds]

[Note their are Many Side Missions that the Owner of this Tablet can take apart of that when completed will make it easier for you to complete your primary goal, side missions will become clear when you begin starting them on your own]

It said all of that before showing a map of the nearby surrounding area for me, then another tab showed a list of all the Pals that there were though all of them were unknown (Currently it only shows the original 111 pals but will increase when more pals become available in the game), another showed my name, Ezekiel 'Zeke' Sanders, along with my health, stamina, temperature of the area im in, an exp bar along with my current level, being only Level 1 to start off with, and even my hunger levels at lastly a tech tree that tells me how to build things.

"Just like in the game…. Problem is I only got all the way up to the plateu up their before I had to stop playing for the cruise…. Then when I went back to play I blacked out and now I'm actually inside the game…. And if I'm inside the game do I follow the game's mechanics or is this still real life and if I die I die for good?…." I mutter to myself as I think things over.

"I really do hope I'm playing it by the games rules and I can revive if I somehow die or else this place will be way more dangerous and I'd have to be extremely prepared before I fight all of the bosses of this world, but I'll cross that bridge when I reach it, first let's get up to the plateau." I say before getting myself together as I see the path nearby as I begin to walk up the ancient looking stairs towards the Plateau above.

{The Plateau of Beginnings}

"Wow…. It's so beautiful to see in person…." I said in amazement as I looked out towards the rest of the Palpagos Islands areas from where I stood before I looked and saw a large bird statue just down the stairs of this part of the plateau, so after getting a view of it all I walked on down and approached the statue.

"I sure hope the fast travel system works, I mean I think this is what it is, I only played till here, luckily I watched a bit of game play from others so I at least know that much and a few other things." I say touching it before it changed the red hue around it to blue instead.

[+1 Technology point!]

I heard my tablet ping and saw it said that before I looked at my tech tree to see what I had.

But being at only Level One what I had unlocked was limited but everything for Level 1 was unlocked, so until I Leveled Up this point will go unused for now.

*Sniff Sniff* I smelled the air I looked around as I smelled burning wood and not to far away I saw someone sitting at a fire cooking up some meat.

*Grumble* my stomach rumbled as I was feeling a little bit hungry as I headed on over at the person, but I was rather cautious to say anything as they were clearly holding a shotgun, a hand made one but nonetheless clearly a shotgun, in their hands.

"Hmmm? Oh would you look at this, another castaway as washed up here." They said before I realized it was a woman more specifically as she looked me up and down.

"Well I guess I should say Welcome to Palpago's Island stranger, but that's all I'm going to say really as I'm not obligated to help people out, though a word of advice, you wanna survive out here your going to hunt and tame pals, that or go stay in one of the view villages scattered around the place and live in somewhat safety." She goes onto say to me.

"Well Uhh…. Thanks I guess…. Though I hope I'm not asking to much but would you mind letting me have a weapon of some kind, not your gun of course, but like a club or something?" I ask as I scratch my head as I look at her.

She looks at me for a second before reaching to her side and tossing me something which I catch which looks like a old worn out club, "Made this when I was younger, haven't had a need for it, so take it, use it to protect yourself from the ravenous pals of the island, then again most of the pals around here are rather weak and aren't dangerous and besides the 'King of the Plateau' a club or maybe even a bow will be enough for dealing with them." She says to me before grabbing a stick that looked like it had some grilled chicken meat on it before she began to eat it.

But I had a feeling she was done talking so I took my new club and went down the hill.

Now all I got to do is level up, scrounge up some food and finally catch me some Pals as this is only the start of my journey in this new world.

(Zeke's Looks)


So I'll ask you guys as it's the first chapter and this will be a major decision going down the line as this is a smut fic that will have plenty of sex I got to ask.

Only the Pals that can walk/stand on two legs are fair game? (Anthropomorphic)


Every Pal is fair game? (Anthropomorphic/Beastiality)