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My First Home Base

So after going down the hill I saw the three types of pals that I saw before, them being Lambball's, Cattiva's and Chikipi's.

And since I wasn't planning to eat a cat only the Lambball's and Chikipi's looked tasty to me.



They Shrieked out in fear as they tried to run away, but with their stubby legs I could easily catch up to them, "Sorry but your food!"


I slammed my club into them repeatedly until they died, but unlike the game where they drop the resources while their body stays their, instead their bodies disappear before leaving their important parts, that being lamb chops, wool, Chikipi's meat and even a few eggs.

"Well at least I don't need to learn to gut them or anything." I mutter as I grab them before I watch them disappear into my tablet, I then double check it and see a tab in my status menu light up and show my total inventory space which was a 5 x 10 rectangle with 50 individual spaces in total, 4 were taken up with the food and wool while there were slots for my body so I can wear armor, what I got is 'Ragged armor' that's on my body, barely any protection and it isn't useful if I'm in cold or hot environments.

*Tingle Ling!*

After killing a few more a felt a surge of energy fill my body as I went and looked at my stats to see that I leveled up.

"Good it's time I get some more technologies unlocked." And luckily I just had enough points to unlock everything on the second level of the Tech tree, so the Palbox, Basic Pal spheres, wooden chest, campfire and repair bench became available to create.

"Good thing whatever transported me here gave me a hammer to build all this stuff, now I just got to gather some supplies." And luckily the basic needed supplies were scattered all around so I didn't need to beat things with my club to get rocks or wood and fiber so after a bit of searching I had what I needed after going further down the hill and finding a small fresh water pond which seemed the perfect place to set up as my home base for the time being.

So after getting a few shiny blue rocks called paldium fragments, some more rocks and wood I created my first Palbox.

*Tingle Ling*

I heard a ringing from my tablet again as I pulled it out to see the objectives tab showing me a new side quest I just unlocked.

[Side Quest: Manifest Destiny]

[Objectives: Do all the side missions related to upgrading your base from level 1 all the way up to level 20]

[Rewards: Each Level allows you to keep one pal out at each of your base(s) to work the place and every 5,10,15,20 levels unlock the ability to create your second, third, fourth and fifth extra bases as well]

"Oh that's pretty neat, let's see what I need to do for all these level ups." I mutter before looking at all of the objectives.

1. Build a Palbox (Complete, +1 Base & +1 Pal)

2. Build a Wooden Chest & Deploy all available Pals for your base

3. Build a Primitive Workbench & a Shoddy Bed

4. Build a Feed Box and a Straw Pal Bed

5. Deploy 4 Pals Build a Campfire and Berry Plantation

6. Build a Pal Gear Workbench and the Statue of Power

7. Build a Crusher, Stone Pit, and Logging Site

8. Build a Hot Spring, Primitive Furnace, and Berry Plantation

9. Deploy 8 Pals Build a High Quality Workbench and a Medieval Medicine Workbench

10. Build a Cooler Box and a Sphere Workbench

11. Build a Cooking Pot, Wheat Plantation, and Mill

12. Build a Weapon Workbench

13. Deploy 12 Pals Build Two Fluffy Pal Beds

14. Build a Sphere Line Factory and a Power Generator

15. Build a Weapon Line Factory and a High Quality Hot Spring

16. Build Two Large Pal Beds

17. Build a Refined Metal Chest

18. Build a Production Assembly Line 2

19. Build an Electric Furnace

"So this is a pretty long quest it seems, can't even complete everything unless I reach the level 40-ish area to make everything possible by that time." I say as the last thing being the Electric Furnance was unlocked in the level 40's area.

"But more importantly is to level up enough for me to build myself a simple wooden house with a bed so I can sleep for the night, but since it's still morning I got time." I say before I begin to build a few necessary early thing like a repair bench, a primitive workbench and a camp fire as I let it grill the meats I have while I went and made myself a stone axe and pickaxe.

After making those I cut down a few trees and mined some boulders for the four essential building materials for everything one needs that being Wood, Fiber, Stone and Paldium Fragments.

"Now that I got the materials let's make some Pal Spheres!" I say all excited like as I pulled up the instructions to help created it for myself.

And after a few minutes of trial and error I finally had it as I held up the blue Pal Sphere to the sun.

*Tingle Ling*

I hear another chime as I see another side quest pop up.

[Side Quest: You got a (Pal) in Me!]

[Objective: capture every type of Pal that exists here on Palpagos Island as well as capture/hatch 10 of the same types of all Pals as well]

[Reward: Every 20 fully learned Pals will give you access to the weakness of each Tower boss and which Pals and weapons are best used to beat them, starting from the weakest boss all the way to the strongest]

"Huh, that is very useful info to have, and it means my exp will go up even higher as I catch pals too, so I'll be high enough level to get me my own bed, even if it's a rather crappy one to begin with." I say as I toss my pal sphere up and down before I go and make 9 more leaving me with 10 of these things to use.

"Alright, time to catch me my first pal." I say club in hand and pal sphere in the other.

And I already know what mischievous little cat I have within my sights.


Here's a picture of the map of the area that Zeek is currently around with it marked where his base currently is.

(Map Pic)