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What is XXXPal

Read ‘XXXPal’ Online for Free, written by the author OneMoreScore, This book is a Video Games Fanfic, covering ADVENTURE Fanfiction, HAREM Fan Fiction, SURVIVAL Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: a Smut Palworld Fanfic, need I say more? Also I don’t own the front cover it belongs to their rightful owner


a Smut Palworld Fanfic, need I say more? Also I don’t own the front cover it belongs to their rightful owner

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The grand society of Impirium had been graced by the presence of gods a long time ago. These gods isolated the small tribe from the danger the Lauvasia Kingdom might imposed, as this Kingdom had been into liking of expanding their ruling and killing every single men that stood on their way. The land becomes hidden from any outsider. Forms of barriers had secured the place any outsiders won't dare to challenge. They said, it would cause death. From then on, the peace and stability had occured. This was hence, a gift from the gods. The tribe prospers, the Impirium family takes a step forward and becomes the ruler, as they were the head of the tribe. While the land has no infrastructures, the raw materials of the forest had aided the shortcomings. And as swift as the day could end, ten years of labor and hard work, the Impirium City boasts its grand and sophistication. The fame and power becomes blatant in a growing community, ranks and status becomes everything. The lavish city has no problems that they could impart with multiple parties, countless balls and of course, seeking for more power. The most envied family, the Impirium who was fated to rule the city for the coming centuries became the hot topic. But, their is no heir. The family has no child. This makes everbody even more interested. The crown could be passed on to anyone the King chooses. They don't have any relatives to comfortably take the thrown. Who will it be?

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I caught a little pikemon, Batman… I-I caught a Lopunny, Batman…


NO DONT DO IT JOKER THERE ARE NO LAWS AGAINST PALS BATMAN …………………………………..,,,..,.,.,,….,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.. seriously though imma kms i nutted to this


Wow, a palworld fanfic already? I will support it... Be careful of entry no 69 And give all the coffee to depresso


the first palworld fanfiction I seen so far I'm hope he treat those pals more like lovers then just something to do they have emotions and feeling author


nah why not lol 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹sjsjsjjsjs


Me gusta mucho como avanza y solo puedo decir que es un fanfic que tiene mucho potencial, ojalá logres terminarlo y si ya no tienes idea , por qué ya no hay más de palworld , puedes usar de pokemons y seguir con tus toques .


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