Wizard World:Struggles of dimensions Book

novel - Fantasy

Wizard World:Struggles of dimensions


Ongoing · 1.4M Views

  • 246 Chs

  • 4.3

    22 ratings
  • NO.200+



Step into Layton's shoes as he awakens in a new world. What begins as the illusion of a typical medieval realm teeming with wizards soon unravels into an adventure of cosmic proportions. With each step, Layton discovers the enchantment of wizards, the awe of magic, the mysteries of gods, and the discipline of martial arts, all interwoven within the rich tapestry of grand civilizations spanning countless worlds across the multiverse. Amidst the infinite void, where planes intersect and universes collide, Layton's journey becomes an intimate dance with the boundless. In this vast expanse where nothing is off-limits, Layton's transformation from an ordinary mortal on a humble plane to a master of wizardry defies mere imagination. Join him on an intensely personal odyssey that transcends the realms of possibility, as he ventures towards the summit of his own destiny and beyond.

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