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Why A Dimensional Chat Group?


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In contemporary Japan, Yuu Tachibana lives a seemingly ordinary life with his beloved family. However, Yuu harbors a secret: he has lived a past life in another world, making his current life his second. Having no one to call family in his previous life, Yuu cherishes his family all the more. One fateful night, Yuu discovers an unidentified phone in his room. The message displayed on its screen is cryptic and foreboding: [Do you want to save your family from their terrible fate?] With a sense of dread, Yuu is faced with a choice: [Yes] or [No]. Yuu must decide if he is willing to risk everything to protect his loved ones. Will he choose to save them, or let fate run its course? -------- So, before you jump into the fic, let me address the frustration of some readers, This fic is slow. The Dimensional Chat Group, is not given to the MC in the first or fifth chapter. No, no! Not even in 8 chapter, It decides to make a fashionable entrance in chapter 11. And we don't even get to fully explore it until chapter 15. Isn't that just great? The delay in the chat group's appearance seems to be a point of confusion for many readers. While the chat group is indeed a central aspect of the story, it's important to understand why the MC would use this unknown and potentially dangerous power. If the MC is reckless or unintelligent, the chat group's usage might begin in the first chapter. However, if the MC is depicted as a self-proclaimed genius or cautious individual, the story will reach the point of the chat group's involvement by chapter 3 at the latest, followed by a mission. In the initial 8 to 9 chapters, we get a glimpse into the MC's ordinary existence. He leads a regular life, surrounded by his loving family. He attends school, where he has a small circle of friends. Financially speaking, his family doesn't face any difficulties or hardships. And he is content with this simple, everyday life. Now, you might be wondering, why on earth would a person like our MC take a risk with the Chat Group? Hear me out. He's not some thrill-seeker, or a martial arts enthusiast looking for stronger opponents, nor is he a genius bored out of his mind. He's content with his life, and he doesn't crave anything more. So, why would he put his neck on the line? That's precisely why it takes so long for the Chat Group to enter the picture. The initial chapters focus on showcasing his everyday life with family and friends. It's all about giving you a glimpse into why he wouldn't initially desire the chat group. But, of course, he eventually takes the plunge because he discovers a reason that speaks to him. Now, I know some of you may say, "Hey, couldn't you have summed it up in a single chapter?" Well, sure, I could have, but I didn't want to. Summarizing the MC's relationships and motivations would have resulted in a shallow excuse that you—yes, you—would probably complain about later. Plus, there's more to this story than just his daily life. But enough about that. Let's get one thing straight: this fic is slow. If you're expecting a quick summary with occasional fights and snappy dialogue, do yourself and me a favor by clicking off this fic. You'll find what you're looking for in less than 10 seconds, guaranteed. So, if you're still here after this warning, I don't want to hear any complaints about the story's pace. You've been duly informed. And hey, as you read, try paying a little more attention to uncover the hidden meanings within the dialogues and monologues. Also, I am not saying that I have done a fantastic job on the writing, No that’s not the point of this. The point is that you the reader don’t waste your time reading something you don’t like. And I don’t get 1-star reviews for a reason as petty as ‘The Chat group took too long to appear’ That's all for now. Thank you for reading. https://discord.gg/NdaZBAbQ8D https://www.patreon.com/OVERLOAD69


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