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Who Said I was a Princess?


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The title drew my attention, the synopsis made me excited. The novel takes form through the eyes, thoughts and experiences of the main character Kari and is definitely a unique read because of this. So far I've only been able to read a couple of chapters but they left a great impression on me. My curiosity is triggered and if I weren't in the middle of reading another novel as well I'm sure I'd have devoured the available chapters :> The character gives a mysterious feel yet through the personal aspect, I feel like I can bond quickly with her. If I were to leave some constructive feedback, I'd tell the author to try and sketch a slightly stronger environment and give a bit more detail to the external features of characters so we can get a clearer image of them. I truly like what I've read so far and can't wait to see how the story and author develops as I got great hopes for both ❤️

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Hi guys! This is an honest and shameless review from the author! Heads up to those who don't like complicated plots 'cuz this one is really twisted. Fighter x Prince The FL is a stubborn person and you might feel frustrated with her sometimes. The ML is cute and puppy-like, with undying love for the FL. The only downside is that it's gonna be a while before his love is reciprocated and you'd probably feel bad for him in the long run. World development needs a little work. But, just imagine it's the time of Romans and the Tower is like the Colosseum. I update at most 2 chapters every weekend due to my schedule in school. My goal is to finish this story within five months' time so I hope you guys stick with me until then. Enjoy the read!


Awesome read! Even though the author isn't really updating as much, I see potential!! I like how Kari gives off this mysterious vibe. It really gets you thinking. But, I think the character designs could use a little work. The world background could also use some improvements. I was a little lost at first. Since it's still in the early stages of writing, I hope the author works hard on improving these little details.


A good start with great image created. The plot grows so well throughout the chapters while the picture becomes clearer through those words written. Overall a great read