Who Said I was a Princess? Book

novel - Fantasy

Who Said I was a Princess?


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"A princess with a warrior's heart and mind." Kari Faust is a princess. But, she doesn't know that herself. Hell, she refused to accept that fact. Living most of her life as a man in a tower meant for fighters, she found it hard to believe when one day, they proclaimed her to be the long-lost princess of a faraway country. How is she supposed to live a royal life when she can't even remember her own past? -------- Volume 2 Synopsis "A princess? NO." Kari continues living her life as a man, rejecting the constant advances of her disciple, Dustan (who is also the prince). But how long can she reject the advances of a stupidly honest lad? NOTICE: The art in the cover is not mine. It was commissioned by Chukie Artss.


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