Transmigration Dimensions: The Master Cultivator Young Miss Book

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Transmigration Dimensions: The Master Cultivator Young Miss

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On her thirtieth birthday, Hua Shu experienced falling out of love, death, and rebirth... Returning to the age of twelve, the orphanage she used to live in had yet to be demolished. Her brothers and sisters were still there. She had yet to drop out of school to work for a living. In the miraculous dimension, there was the Black Heaven Pearl and the Nine Heavens Mystical Fox... After her rebirth, she embarked on the path of cultivation. Her strange spirit root constitution and demonic cultivation talent allowed her to advance at lightning speed. She accidentally awakened her supernatural ability, Heavenly Vision, she found treasures on the market and discovered jade in stone gambling, causing her to shine in the business world. After transmigrating, she not only wanted to become strong, but she also wanted money, power, and influence. Of course, there was also that extraordinary man who was as pure as lotus…


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