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DxDverse, also known as Draconic Deus, is a world full of wonder. The story of this place follows a young man trying to fulfill his dream as Harem Protagonist. It is light-hearted and full of service. However, beneath all that light-hearted story, there is darkness. Humans are the race known as nothing but weaklings in this world. The race looked down upon is used as cannon fodder and even as cattle for the other race. And I reincarnated in this world as a human. I want to change how others see humans. With this power given to me, I will change humanity's fate and reach the stars! I shall make humanity conquer the stars!

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Chapter 4: Rainbow Guardian

I wipe my forehead and look at the floating blue panel before me.

[Daily Quest Completed]

|1% progress on the current Template|

|Byakuran (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) [100% Complete]|

Finally! It has been almost two months since I arrived at this place, and the template is finally complete. The system gives me daily tasks that I need to complete. The daily task is easy. It only tells me to run two kilometers, do a push-up a hundred times and pull up a hundred times.

If I only use daily tasks to increase my progress, it will take a hundred days for me to complete one template. That is a long time. Luckily, the system increases my progress if I do what my template does in their life.

Building a mafia family gives me a lot of progress. Also, rescuing someone from bad fortune and taking them as my guardian also increases my progress. With Luca as my Storm Guardian and Felicia as my Rain Guardian, my progress has been greatly boosted.

[Congratulations on completing your first template! Please select an upgrade for your first template:]

Wait! I get another upgrade?! Fantastic! I quickly read the list of upgrades I can take.

|Enchant Flame Reserve|

|Enchant (Attract) effect of your Sky Flame|

|Mare Ring Set|

|Animal Box Set|

|Weapon Box Set|

The first two are outright thrown away. I did not need them. Enchanting my already massive flame reserve did not do much. As for increasing the (attractive) effect of the Sky Flame… Yeah. I feel it will be more troublesome than it is helpful.

That leaves me with the last three. Animal and Weapon Box Sets are great. The reason? The first one will summon an animal suitable for me and my guardian. The same goes for the second one, which summons weapons rather than animals. I prefer the first one to the second.

Mare Set Ring, on the other hand… They are one of the most powerful items in the series. This ring set is one of the Tri-ni-sette, which holds the world and ensures it does not die. KHR world, not this one.

Each set has power that gives the user advantages over the other. There are three sets. The first one is the Vongola Set Ring. The second one is the Mare Set Ring. The third one is the Arcobaleno Pacifier Set.

Vongola Rings puts all the knowledge of the previous user and passes it down to the next generation. Mare Set Ring lets the user travel through an alternate universe where they exist. Arcobaleno Pacifier Set prevents the user from growing or dying of old age.

While the others are great for me now as they boost our firepower immediately, the Mare Set Ring will increase our power gradually. We can visit other worlds and increase our power there.

I take a deep breath, I pick the Mare Set Ring as my upgrade. A second later, a fancy box appeared on the table in front of me. I open the box and I can see seven rings inside the box. They are rings with seven different gems on the ring. Not only that, each ring has wings next to it with one of them stretched out.

I picked the one with an orange gem and its wing stretched out and put it on my finger. A second later, a rush of knowledge gets inside my head, and I know how it uses its power to the fullest.

Mare Ring cannot only go to my alternate universe but also to the alternate universe of my previous life and Byakuran. That means I did not only get a linear universe where Valerian exists but also Andreas (My previous name) and Byakuran.

This is great because I can go to KHR world and maybe get some of their technology to help use our flame. Luca needs to change his guns each time he uses them in battle. We spend a lot of money to buy guns for him, and that is why we only buy the cheaper ones instead of the more expensive ones.

I wonder if Byakuran is willing to help me. In the anime, he gets mad after absorbing countless memories of his alternate self and kills others to get that power. I smile a little at the possibility.

[Randomizing the next character template… Congratulations! You get Gintoki (Gintama)]

I blink a little when I get a rush of knowledge inside my brain. Gintama is my favorite anime and manga. I have watched it since I was a teenager, and boy, it was a blast. That show made me laugh and cry.

Getting Gintoki as my template is an honor. He is a beast. His swordsmanship is worthy of his title, Shiroyasha (White Demon). Not only that, he can easily increase his progress. Eating sweet things, fighting in close combat and lazing around will increase his progress.

I need this. Byakuran might know how to fight in hand-to-hand combat, but he is not a master in that part. He is more of a sharpshooter rather than a close combat master. Gintoki will cover that part of my fighting style, as he is a master in close combat. Of course, it is more of a sword master, but Gintoki can also fight unarmed.

"Boss, can I come in?"

I snap from my thoughts and say.

"Come in."

A second later, Luca and Felicia enter my office. I smile at them and say.

"Ah, good, you guys are here. Take a seat."

I pick up the Rain and Storm Rings from the box, then I put them in front of them and say.

"These are guardian rings. As you guys know, the flame that awakens from your soul is unique. It is a power that I can only awaken. As you guys know, I am a sky. I am the home of my guardians. These rings symbolize that."

I smile a little when I see them widen their eyes. I already told them about the Sky and their guardians. They know how important this job is to me because once it is finally sealed, they cannot leave my side until I die.

However, instead of thinking about it, they take the ring and put it on their fingers. I can see their flame come to life and dance around them. They smile a little as our bond gets stronger, and we are now officially a family.

I give them a wide smile and say.

"Welcome home, my guardians."

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