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DxDverse, also known as Draconic Deus, is a world full of wonder. The story of this place follows a young man trying to fulfill his dream as Harem Protagonist. It is light-hearted and full of service. However, beneath all that light-hearted story, there is darkness. Humans are the race known as nothing but weaklings in this world. The race looked down upon is used as cannon fodder and even as cattle for the other race. And I reincarnated in this world as a human. I want to change how others see humans. With this power given to me, I will change humanity's fate and reach the stars! I shall make humanity conquer the stars!

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Chapter 18: Welcome to Hell

|3rd POV|

A group of people arrive in front of Vindice Village, the only city where humans can release their tired breath and sleep soundly without fear of getting kidnapped by Vampires or Werewolves.

"Not bad!"

A large man shouts at the sight of the village in front of him.

"David, shut up. Use your indoor voice."

A woman says while rubbing her ear from David's loud voice.

"Bah! I know you are also surprised at the sight, Adriana. I might not be as good as you, but I can sense the air in this place. It is warm and pure, something that not many places have."

Adriana releases a sigh as she cannot deny his word. She looks to the sky and lets the feel of the air run past her. She can feel it. She can feel the air is pure and smells nice, unlike many places she visited in the past where the air is tainted and smells bad.

As a Demigod, their sense heightens tenfold, making her life harder. She was born in Athens and lives there, which is not a good experience for her. Athens is not as polluted as some cities around the world, but there is still a lot of pollution there.

Some of the demigods can ignore it, but she cannot do it. She is the daughter of Apollo. Many might forget about it, but Apollo has domains other than the Sun, Prophecy, Poetry, and Music. He is also the God of Archery and Hunt. While Goddess Artemis is the main Goddess of the Hunt in the Greek Pantheon, Apollo also has a small domain over the hunt.

As a daughter of Apollo, her senses are even stronger than normal demigods.

She can feel this place is something that can only happen in the domain of the God of the Wild, Pan.

"Oi, you two! What are you doing standing there?! We need to meet the lord of this place!"

David and Adriana snap from their thoughts and follow their teacher to the mansion in the middle of the village. As they walk through the street of Vindice, David says.

"Why in the hell are they still calling this place a village? This place can be called a city by now."

Adriana nods her head as she looks around. She knows a city back in Greece that is smaller than this one.

"That is because they still call this a village."

She looks at her teacher and says,

"What do you mean, teacher Markos?"

"This is a new village, Adriana. They call it a village because it is one not too long ago. However, with how many people migrated from across Romania, this place changed from a village to a city in no time."

"I see."

After walking for a few minutes, they arrive in front of a mansion, and one of the guards walks forward.

"Can we help you?"

Markos walks forward and says.

"Yes. We are a group coming from Greece."

"Ah, Lord Valerian is waiting in his office. Please follow me."

They follow the guard to the second floor and enter Vale's office. They can see Vale and his guardian looking at them as they enter the room. For some reason, Adriana feels her back shiver from the look they are giving her and her group.

It is as if she is entering the eye of a storm. One wrong move, and she is done.

"Welcome to Vindice."


I look at the seven people in front of me with a small smile. There are seven of them, excluding the one old man in the group, just like the letter said.

"Please sit so we can discuss why you guys are here."

The older man nods and sits on the chair in front of me while the rest of the people are standing behind him. After he takes a seat, I say.

"The letter says that you want to let those people work with my people in hunting and killing the monsters around Romania. Is that correct?"

"Yes. We also want to ask you if you can train them alongside your men."

Hmmm, I know that he truly wants to let his students learn from us, but I know that he wants to do something else besides the first one. And by the look of it, he came here to gather information, huh?

You know what? Fuck it. Sooner or later, the information about the Flame will spread, and I would rather be the one spreading it. We already have enough time to increase our strength, but the spread will require time—a week at the latest. It should be enough for me to get a new template.

"Very well. For the next three months, we will try to teach your students about hunting and fighting. However, tell me the real reason why you ask us to teach your students instead of more famous factions."

I look him right in the eyes and say.

"I know for a fact there are three famous human factions that work for the Greek Pantheon, right? Two of them are known for their prowess in handling all kinds of combat equipment, and the third one is known for their magical knowledge."

He nods his head and says.

"That is because all of them have already been booked by the other group."


"There is a big tournament that will be happening in five months on Mount Olympus. Each team is sponsored by one of the twelve gods of Olympus, and each of them seeks to learn from the best to win this fight. Our patron is the God of the Sun, Apollon, and he recommended that we come here. He says, and I quote, Go to Bucharest and learn under the teaching of the Rainbow. Let the sky guide you, and you shall achieve victory. That's it. We did not know what he meant by that, but we know that your people are known as the Rainbow Army, and Lord Apollon is the God of Prophecy, so we follow his word."

I release a sigh and think for a few seconds before saying.

"Very well. We will take you guys. My name is Valerian Millefiore, the head of the Millefiore Family."

"My name is Markos, and these are my students. We will be in your care from now on."

I look at them and give them a smile that is too sweet for their comfort.

"Welcome to Vindice, soldiers. I hope you have a good sleep tonight because tomorrow you will be in hell and need to fight your way through before the end of the day."

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