Way Back To Neverland Book

novel - Fantasy

Way Back To Neverland


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  • 32 Chs

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In the quiet cotton factory town where Asher Blackwood and Henry Williams reside, peculiar occurrences begin to unfold, shrouded in an eerie air of mystery. Whispers in the shadows suggest the hand of Neverland, an enigmatic force lurking in the periphery of their lives. Soon, these whispers lead to a cataclysmic event that sends Asher and Henry fleeing for their lives. Their journey takes them to the elusive realm of EverGreen, a place steeped in secrets and the arcane. There, they encounter the enigmatic Yuan Xhin, a master of magic who becomes their mentor. Asher's newfound power is an inferno of black flames, while Henry discovers an astonishing ability to mend and heal. Burning with a fervent desire for revenge against Neverland, Asher and Henry embark on a thrilling odyssey, encountering wondrous and perilous creatures of magic along the way. Amidst the dazzling tapestry of their adventures, Asher finds himself drawn to Alexia Grey, a remarkable individual untouched by magic's embrace. In the midst of a mesmerizing magic festival, Asher's skills flourish, revealing the depths of his newfound powers and unraveling the secrets of his own past. But as the story unfolds, a shattering tragedy befalls Alexia, casting a haunting shadow over their newfound knowledge. As the dust settles and shocking truths come to light, the future remains uncertain. What lies ahead for Asher and Henry? Will vengeance consume them, or will they find a path through the labyrinth of magic and mysteries that surround them? The journey has only just begun, and the answers are concealed in the depths of an ever-unfolding enigma.


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