Versatile: Alternate World

"In the unforgiving corridors of time, I was brought to the brink, my life teetering on the precipice of destruction. But fate has granted me a remarkable opportunity – a return to the past, a chance to rewrite my destiny. Brace yourself, for when our paths cross once more, the world will bear witness to an unrecognizable future!" Enter the realm of Alternate World, a virtual playground where mere mortals are elevated to the status of gods. The moment this game touched the lives of players, our world, our very existence, was irrevocably altered. People discovered newfound abilities, and playing the game became a way of life, a livelihood. Among those players was Manato Tsukasa, an unwitting protagonist whose life was thrust into turmoil on the eve of his wedding. In the shadowy depths of night, enemies emerged, determined to snuff out his existence. He stood on the precipice of death, only to be granted an unexpected lifeline, a return ticket to the past. With the past before him like an unwritten book, Manato seized this extraordinary chance with relentless determination. Armed with the knowledge of his past mistakes, he embarked on a journey to exact revenge upon the architect of his misery. The game that had once been his escape from reality now served as his crucible, transforming not only the gaming industry but also the very fabric of our world. Yet, little did Manato suspect that Alternate World held secrets far more profound than any player had ever imagined. The game's mysteries ran deep, and the truth, obscured beneath layers of illusion, remained tantalizingly elusive. As he delved deeper into the game's enigmatic depths, Manato would soon discover that the lines between reality and virtuality were destined to blur, forever changing the course of his life and the world itself.

Kyosei · Games
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1042 Chs

The New Titles

Countless deaths have become a twisted routine in this unforgiving digital realm, where agony knows no bounds. Each resurrection is a nightmare, accompanied by a relentless assault from hellish hounds that eagerly tear into my newly revived form. My virtual body has endured such a relentless battering that it seems the canine's teeth are permanently embedded within me.

Escape is within reach once I've secured what I came for, but why flee when I can let the body count rise? I could effortlessly evade their gnashing jaws if I chose to, but for now, my goal is not to escape, but to accumulate deaths. A feeble mental foundation would surely crumble under the weight of this brutal game.

Reaching a century of deaths exacts a severe toll on the psyche, and the sensation of dying is anything but pleasant. Words fail to capture the haunting realism of each demise; it's as if you've truly perished. These experiences are consistently wretched and horrifying. Yet, when I compare my current plight to the horrors of the past, it almost feels like a blessing.

I sense my soul drifting away from my virtual avatar, the torment lingering with every passing moment. My death tally grows, and it's not something I take pride in. The concept of being devoured by dogs as sustenance is a gruesome, nightmarish demise.

Just as I teeter on the brink of despair, a system announcement reverberates in my consciousness.

"[Requirements for the Title: Death's Favorite has been achieved. Awarding the Title to Player: Bladeheart]"

My senses return, and this title, "Death's Favorite," is the first I've earned through relentless dying. Even in death, I can examine my status in soul form, making it convenient to interact with the system and related matters.



[Death's Favorite]

Method of Acquisition: "Die 500 Times"

Description: This isn't your typical title; it's a badge of honor earned through perseverance and resilience. Only the Versatile Class can unlock its mysterious powers. Each monster you vanquish now rewards you with a boost in SP, making you an even deadlier force. Every level-up grants you an extra 3 AP, empowering your character further. But here's the kicker – in battle, there's a minuscule 0.01% chance that your mere presence can send your enemy to an early grave. Of course, this special power only works when your foe actually means business, not when they're sipping tea. And the best part? You don't even need to equip the title; its effects are always active.

But beware! Death, with all her allure, isn't someone you should take lightly. She's like a beautiful but destructive force of nature, and your astounding achievement has caught her attention. Do you really want to dance with death, or are you just enjoying the thrill of the unknown?


My eyebrows furrowed as I scanned the note, my eyes darting over the text incredulously. This was definitely new, and that bloody note should not exist! Seriously, who writes this stuff? Do they think I'm trying to woo Death herself? I'm not some perverted masochist, and I certainly don't relish the idea of dying repeatedly!

After a few moments of inner turmoil, I decided to collect my thoughts. I had somehow managed to rack up a staggering number of deaths without even realizing it. As the timer ticked down once again, I braced myself, but before I could react, I was killed yet again. The pain surged through me, and I couldn't help but groan. I swore that I wouldn't put myself through this again, just one last title and I'd be done with this madness.

However, the effects of this title were nothing like what I remembered from the previous timeline. It bestowed the 3 AP bonus and its benefits persisted even without equipping it. It seemed that being in the Versatile class had unlocked an additional skill for me, and the prospect of inflicting instant death on my enemies was tantalizing, even if the odds were slim. Unfortunately, this power had its limitations – it wouldn't work on enemies who were invincible, and it required my adversaries to be genuinely hostile, meaning friendly sparring wouldn't trigger the effect.

And so, the cycle of suffering continued. I focused on enduring the pain as best I could, but no matter what, it was excruciating. Dying repeatedly was taking its toll on me, and I couldn't shake the feeling that this endless torment might actually be the end of me.

Hours dragged on, and with each passing moment, I felt worse. I was drowning in despair, praying for it all to stop. Regret gnawed at me, and I vowed never to put myself through this ordeal again.

Just as I was on the brink of surrendering to hopelessness, a familiar announcement echoed in my ears, and a notification panel materialized before me.

[Requirements for the Title: Memento Mori have been met. Awarding the title to the player: Bladeheart]

Finally, it had arrived!

Rejuvenated and invigorated, I felt the surge of energy course through my veins, replenishing what had been drained earlier by the relentless specter of death. It was as if a voracious vortex was greedily devouring every ounce of power lingering in the air.

[Memento Mori]!

With newfound vitality coursing through me, the countdown on my respawn timer reached its final, fateful second, and the Red Wolves in close proximity wasted no time in launching a ferocious assault. No longer willing to succumb, I knew I had to make my escape.

Swiftly, I executed a deft backflip and sprinted away, my once-pristine attire now reduced to tattered rags by the relentless monsters that had pursued me earlier. Although Red Wolves were known for their speed, they were not relentless pursuers, and their chase came to an abrupt halt once their prey ventured more than ten meters beyond their perceptual range.

As per usual, the wolves lost interest in me as soon as I crossed that invisible boundary, leaving me to wonder if this peculiar behavior was by design, perhaps to facilitate the escape of novice players grappling with the challenge they presented.

Without wasting a moment, I sprinted through the Silent Forest, retracing the path I had taken earlier.


Upon reaching the forest's entrance, I rifled through my inventory, donning my tattered clothes with haste. My undergarments, previously torn to shreds, had been miraculously replaced, a modest gesture to spare me the indignity of parading around in the nude. In this uncensored virtual world, I had no intention of giving the city guards or any fellow player an eyeful of my bare form.

With my attire securely in place, I turned my attention to the newly acquired title, eager to see what changes it might have brought.


[Memento Mori]

Type: Unique Title

Method to Acquisition: Meet your demise a thousand times without the chance of revival.

Details: This sinister title bestows upon you a unique gift - it doubles the experience you receive from all sources, including quests, monster slaying, and even the XP your secondary jobs gain. Remarkably, it synergizes seamlessly with other effects, whether equipped or not.

Note: Remember the ancient wisdom: "Look after yourself. Remember you're a man. Remember you will die." You've not merely faced death; you've been enlightened by it. Perhaps now, you possess the uncanny ability to commune with the Goddess of Death herself, for her eyes are firmly fixed upon you.


I blinked a few times, convinced I had somehow crossed into an alternate reality. The passage before me held a strange allure, different from my recollection. It was as though someone had woven new threads into the tapestry of my existence.

While the core effect of the title remained untouched, a peculiar enhancement had surfaced in this iteration. In my previous experience, acquiring the "Memento Mori" title meant a mere doubling of experience gained from monster slaying. No more, no less. However, in this altered timeline, the title bore additional gifts.

Picture this: a quest rewards you with a modest 5,000 experience points. With the enigmatic "Memento Mori" title by your side, that meager sum transforms into a bountiful 10,000. It's akin to wielding a double-experience cheat code with every monster vanquished. Even the progress of secondary jobs accelerates under the influence of [Memento Mori]'s dark blessing.

Connecting the dots eluded me. This change was not of my own making. Something had transpired in the acquisition of these titles, altering them beyond recognition. And then, there was that eerie note, claiming the Goddess of Death was watching me...

Could this be her doing?

These subtle shifts in the system held immense implications. Perhaps, just perhaps, I could harness this newfound power to my advantage.