Versatile: Alternate World

"In the unforgiving corridors of time, I was brought to the brink, my life teetering on the precipice of destruction. But fate has granted me a remarkable opportunity – a return to the past, a chance to rewrite my destiny. Brace yourself, for when our paths cross once more, the world will bear witness to an unrecognizable future!" Enter the realm of Alternate World, a virtual playground where mere mortals are elevated to the status of gods. The moment this game touched the lives of players, our world, our very existence, was irrevocably altered. People discovered newfound abilities, and playing the game became a way of life, a livelihood. Among those players was Manato Tsukasa, an unwitting protagonist whose life was thrust into turmoil on the eve of his wedding. In the shadowy depths of night, enemies emerged, determined to snuff out his existence. He stood on the precipice of death, only to be granted an unexpected lifeline, a return ticket to the past. With the past before him like an unwritten book, Manato seized this extraordinary chance with relentless determination. Armed with the knowledge of his past mistakes, he embarked on a journey to exact revenge upon the architect of his misery. The game that had once been his escape from reality now served as his crucible, transforming not only the gaming industry but also the very fabric of our world. Yet, little did Manato suspect that Alternate World held secrets far more profound than any player had ever imagined. The game's mysteries ran deep, and the truth, obscured beneath layers of illusion, remained tantalizingly elusive. As he delved deeper into the game's enigmatic depths, Manato would soon discover that the lines between reality and virtuality were destined to blur, forever changing the course of his life and the world itself.

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Selecting Skills

Returning to Mining Town, I made a beeline for the bustling marketplace, eager to offload the valuable materials I had painstakingly collected from those Grass Lizards. These irreplaceable components were in high demand, especially among the Potion shop owners who couldn't resist their allure. I had half a mind to test my haggling skills, but then reality struck me like a bolt of lightning - my reputation in the wider world was still in the gutter. Haggling was a lost cause for someone with such a tarnished name.

After parting ways with the loot I'd acquired from those troublesome monsters, my coffers swelled to the tune of 1 silver and 80 copper. It was a small fortune, and I owed it all to the fortuitous discovery of some particularly high-quality Grass Lizard sticky tongues. Without those, I'd be wallowing in a sea of lowly copper coins.

With my funds securely in hand, I headed for the familiar embrace of the town's tavern, a quaint establishment where I'd sought refuge in a past life within the game's timeline. This ramshackle tavern doubled as an inn, although it was clear that it was more frequented for its hearty drinks than its humble accommodations. It wouldn't be long before the place shuttered its doors for good, as rumors of an impending move swirled around. But for now, my priority was to sate my gnawing hunger and fuel up for the next grind ahead. After all, a hero's journey called for more than just digital sustenance.

Stepping into the dimly lit tavern, I couldn't help but notice a woman, probably in her early thirties, with a pleasantly plump figure that bestowed her with an aura of welcoming warmth. Her name was Lily, and she was in the midst of diligently wiping down dishes neatly arranged on her tray. A few curious players roamed the establishment, their eyes darting around as if they were explorers uncovering hidden treasures. However, their excursions often met an abrupt end, as Lily firmly rebuked anyone attempting to ascend the staircase without settling their dues. The place seemed almost barren, devoid of its usual patrons.

Ah, Lily – the second kindest NPC in the game, only eclipsed by the illustrious Priestess of the Kamikaze Continent. Memories of her unfaltering kindness flooded my mind. Though I knew our paths might not cross again, I couldn't deny that Lily was a paragon of benevolence, extending her help to players and NPCs alike. In this virtual realm, she had earned the endearing moniker of "Mother Lily" for those fortunate enough to build a close friendship. She was more than a character in the game; she was a steadfast friend and a maternal figure rolled into one.

During the darkest moments of my gaming journey, when I found myself reduced to level 0 in a past timeline, Lily had been my guiding light through the abyss. I was one of the many patrons who had shared their tales and found solace in her comforting presence.

Rumors swirled about a hidden quest tied to Lily, an opportunity I'd missed out on due to my late entry into the game. I could only lament the missed chance, as she had already moved on to her next destination when I joined.

With the hidden quest beyond my reach, I decided to sate my growling stomach. My previous rapport with Lily had been erased, and to her, I was now a stranger.

"One Cheese Fondue, a loaf of bread, and a Lemon Cola, Ma'am," I politely requested.

Lily's eyes swept across the nearly empty tavern, a warm smile gracing her lips as she prepared to fulfill my order.

"Oh, a fresh face in our midst! Have you just embarked on your grand adventure today?" Lily inquired, her eyes dancing with curiosity as she gestured toward the player tag hovering above my head.

With a nod, I confirmed, "Indeed, I am a fledgling adventurer setting foot in this world for the very first time. My stomach led me here, as I heard whispers in the town square about the delectable delights this place has to offer. They even furnished me with a list of culinary treasures," I said, spinning a tale to mask my true intentions. Lily marked my initial interaction with an NPC this time around, but the knowledge of the food's reputation was a relic from my past experiences.

A triumphant glint sparkled in Lily's eyes as she leaned in, proclaiming, "Ah-ha! You're in for a treat! My culinary creations are renowned far and wide, drawing even the most esteemed nobles to this humble establishment. You can rest assured that the fare I serve boasts impeccable quality at an incredibly reasonable price. I'm Lily, by the way, the proud proprietor of this fine tavern. Just a moment and your taste buds will be in for an exquisite journey," she declared with a radiant smile, bustling off to the kitchen to whip up my order.

Grateful for Lily's unwavering consistency, I reciprocated her smile. She remained an oasis of stability in the ever-changing world around me. Knowing it would be a few more moments before I could savor the culinary delights she promised, I decided to delve into my character's skill trees, eager to chart the course of my evolving abilities.

Checking my status screen, I've got a handful of Swordsman Skill Points (SP) from taking down enemies, and it looks like I've earned a few from the Samurai class too. However, I'm not sure if I can learn anything new in the Samurai class at the moment. So, I've decided to dive into the Swordsman class tree for now. Right now, there are five tiers available for players like me to unlock skills. But don't be fooled; this isn't the end of the road. Tiers 6 and beyond can only be accessed when you ascend your class or level up your job. But since I'm still at a lower level, I'm limited to tiers 1 through 5.

The skill tree is neatly organized by tier, each with its own unlocking cost. As you might guess, the higher the tier, the more SP you need to invest. But here's the thing: if you find yourself relying on a particular skill but feel like it's not packing enough punch, you can level it up. With some dedication, certain skills can even become powerful enough to rival those elusive 7th and 8th tier abilities, if you invest wisely.

I focused my attention on the 1st and 2nd tiers, leaving the 3rd tier aside for now due to its hefty cost. To reach that level, I'll have to put in some serious grinding. Upgrading my skills seems like a distant dream at this point.

Currently, my Swordsman status stands at SP: 31 with Free SP: 70.

In the 1st Tier, we have:

1. Triple Slash (Active) - Costs 5 SP

2. Shockwave Thrust (Active) - Costs 10 SP

3. Berserk (Active) - Costs 10 SP

4. Reversal Swing (Active) - Costs 17 SP

5. Crescent Slash (Active) - Costs 20 SP

Moving on to the 2nd Tier:

1. Sixfold Slash (Active) - Requires [Triple Slash] and costs 10 SP

2. Vibration Thrust (Active) - Requires [Shockwave Slash] and costs 20 SP

3. Sword Concentration (Active) - Costs 21 SP

4. Sharpness I (Passive) - Costs 20 SP

5. Boomerang Slash (Active) - Costs 30 SP

I clicked on that Triple Slash button, you know, the one that I've seen more times than I've seen my own reflection. But hey, I'm no swordplay expert, so I needed to double-check what this skill was all about.

**[Triple Slash]**

1st Tier

Cooldown: 60 seconds

Mana Cost: 20 MP

Info: Swing your sword three times like you're trying to chop veggies for a salad with a vengeance. Oh, and there's a 5% chance you'll surprise yourself with a fourth swing if you level it up.

Note: This is like Swordsman 101, folks. If you can't do this, you might as well be juggling spaghetti.

So, it costs just 5 SP. Not too shabby, right? Plus, there's that [Sixfold Slash] thing waiting in the wings, which sounds fancy. But before I can get all fancy, I gotta nail this [Triple Slash] basic.

Now, let's talk about the skill I've been daydreaming about - [Berserk]. Forget about that other berserk thing; it's called [Rampage], and it's like handing your character the keys to a wild rollercoaster. They go bonkers and attack anything in sight, friend or foe. Nuts, right? So, let's talk about the real deal - [Berserk].


1st Tier

Cooldown: 5 minutes

Mana Cost: 50 MP

Info: This is like your character chugging an energy drink and going turbo. Attack and critical hit chances are through the roof, but your defense? Well, it takes a nosedive to rock bottom.

Note: You know those times when someone's so angry they could chew through steel? Yeah, that's this skill.

This is the big kahuna I've been eyeing. After getting my hands on this beauty, I scrolled through my skill list. Sure, those passive skills were tempting, like the tantalizing smell of fresh pizza, but I had to remind myself - SP is like gold, and active skills are like lottery tickets that could win me more SP down the road. Mark my words, I'll grab those passive skills once I'm rolling in SP riches.

I deactivated the Swordsman class panel and switched over to the Magician Class Skill Tree. However, I hadn't dabbled in any magical arts yet, which meant my magician skill points (SP) remained at zero. The only currency in my pocket was Free SP, so I had to be strategic. The Magician Class Tree, like its sword-wielding counterpart, had just three tiers of skills. 

For now, my SP reserves were limited, so I decided to allocate them to acquiring only 1st Tier Magic. The 2nd Tier spells were tempting, but they required a heftier SP investment, which I didn't have yet. While I could still gain SP by smacking enemies with my staff, it was a slower process. Magic skills promised a quicker route to accumulating SP, so I decided to loosen my purse strings and invest in my magical potential.

Magician Skill Tree Overview:

Current Status:

SP (Skill Points) Total: 70

1st Tier Spells:

1. Basic Fireball (Active) - Cost: 5 SP

2. Ice Prison (Active) - Cost: 5 SP

3. Shocking Lightning (Active) - Cost: 7 SP

4. Muddy Water (Active) - Cost: 7 SP

5. Frigid Wind (Active) - Cost: 10 SP

Taking a closer look at the first tier of the magician's skill tree, it's apparent that these spells won't break the bank in terms of SP expenditure. They may not pack as much punch as their higher-tier counterparts, but they're solid choices for newcomers to the arcane arts. As they say, beggars can't be choosers, and it's worth noting that the first tier seems to focus exclusively on active skills, with no passive abilities in sight. This means aspiring magicians will have to rely on their active spells to make an impact in the early stages of their magical journey.

I've got my eyes on some other spells down the line, so I decided to splurge on the trio of awesomeness: [Basic Fireball], [Ice Prison], and [Shocking Lightning].


[Basic Fireball]

Level 1

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Mana Cost: 10 MP

Description: Shoots a fireball about the size of a palm at your foes. Perfect for both up-close BBQ sessions or a fiery long-range roast.

Fun Fact: The kind of magic even your grandma knows to light up a campfire – or maybe even her birthday candles if she's adventurous.


[Ice Prison]

Level 1

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Mana Cost: 20 MP

Description: Launches an icy attack to freeze your enemies in their tracks. If you're lucky, they might chill out for a solid 30 seconds.

Fun Fact: This spell's like the magician's equivalent of making an ice-cold slushy or stopping your annoying little cousin mid-tantrum. Practical, right?


[Shocking Lightning]

Level 1

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Mana Cost: 20 MP

Description: Zaps your foes with a little lightning arc. Comes with a 10% chance of giving them an electrifying surprise – paralysis!

Fun Fact: It's the kind of magic magicians learn to supercharge their gadgets and gizmos aplenty. Tesla would be proud.


Okay, let's be honest – those notes are so corny they could be a meme. But hey, the skills themselves are the real deal. Now, before I can dive into the next skill tree, Lily's back on the scene, carrying a plate and a mug. Ah, the unmistakable aroma of Cheese Fondue wafts through the air. She's also brought some fresh-out-of-the-oven bread. Hats off to Lily, the culinary magician, for never letting us down.

"Here you go, kind sir! Cheese Fondue, loaf bread, and Lemon Cola! I'll square away the payment later, so enjoy your meal."

Even though it's just a game, the aroma here is something else, far superior to real-world food. I'm not knocking real food, mind you, but the game's cuisine is on a whole different level. What's more, it fills you up just as well as a real meal. The Reality Verse never spilled the beans on how they pulled it off, especially with the tattoo version. They called it a trade secret, practically black magic for our convenience. In-game meals are like snacks, and a hearty feast here would qualify as a regular meal in reality. Still, it's better to stick to actual food; you can't live on virtual bites alone.

Loads have tried to crack the code of the Reality Verse's food system, but no one succeeded until I hopped back in time. I can't really explain how they did it, and honestly, I've stopped caring. It's not my concern.

I glance around the worn-down tavern owned by Lily. Unlike her place in the Capital, this one's seen better days; the ceilings are peeling, and it's a far cry from charming.

"Looks like business is slow," I strike up a conversation with Lily as I take a bite.

"Yeah, it's been sluggish these past few days, and even with you players showing up, it's not picking up. I'm considering closing this place down," Lily sighs.

"You're closing up shop? But the food here is great. Why shut down if no one's found it yet?"

"Because we're relocating soon."

"Relocating? Where to?" I ask.

"The capital. I need an escort for my family's move there. Unfortunately, I haven't found one yet," Lily says.

My eyes light up. This must be Lily's hidden quest, and I'm about to set it in motion.

"Well, since you're looking for an escort, I'll volunteer to go with you. I'm confident in my skills, so I don't anticipate any trouble along the way," I offer.

"You'd go? I could hire you, but I need proof that you can protect us on the road. Bring me 10 Gray Wolf bodies, and if you manage to do it within two hours, the escort job is yours," Lily challenges.

[Bladeheart activated the hidden chain Quest [Moving Out]. Would you like to accept the quest?]