Utilizing a mafia boss Book

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Utilizing a mafia boss


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"Love is a strange emotion it hits you most unexpectedly" __________.________________._______________.____ "If you wanna use me then use all you want just don't leave me...." Sebastian king. *********************************** Sebastian King is known as the "God of death" in the mafia world and is famously referred to as the "Lucifer of the mafia world". His power extends beyond just the Southern region as he holds control over the entirety of Europe. People are in awe of him and fear even taking a breath in his presence. Crossing paths with the King of the mafia is something people would rather choose death over. Sebastian King's words hold significant power in the world of the mafia, and his influence can be likened to that of legislation. Despite being born into this world, he despises the immoral ways of the mafia, particularly their heinous practice of using innocent boys and girls for their pleasure, entrapping them in an inescapable cycle. The mafia's heinous game of Auction is a prime example of their depravity. However, the arrival of Erika Carter changes everything for Sebastian. Her fearlessness and intelligence instantly captivate him, leaving him in a state of confusion. Despite not being one to indulge in casual relationships, he finds himself drawn to her and ultimately purchases her. ************************** *chuckle....if you want me then take me but keep that in your head.... two can play this game, Mr. King .......let's play the game called love." Erika Carter..... ______. _____________._____________.____________. Regarding the cover, please contact me at the address given below. { Discord: @Moonwriting#8694 .................Thank you}


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