Chapter 15 Actually, I Am an Alchemist_1

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Xu Fan took a step across and stood at the doorway.

His voice, though gentle, contained an undeniable authority.

As the former Five-Direction Heavenly Emperor, Xu Fan's thousands of years as an Immortal Venerable infused his words with a natural dignity, able to turn clouds with a flip of his hand and bring rain with a turn, his commands universally obeyed.

Xu Yixue began to look at Xu Fan anew.

When she had seen Xu Fan a few days ago, he had been disheveled, with a scruffy beard, messy hair, and a spiritless demeanor—the very image of a dejected prodigal son.

But now, Xu Fan had a regal and handsome appearance, filled with an air of nobility and mystery.

It was Xu Fan's handsome features that had once attracted the youthful and beautiful Xu Yixue six years ago. She had thought that the down-and-out Xu Fan had long since been lost to decadence, but unexpectedly, just two days had passed, and the once spirited Xu Fan was back.