Urban Most Awesome Dad

Author: Zi Mo Yan Ran
Magical Realism
Ongoing · 1.1M Views
  • 655 Chs
  • 3.3
    12 ratings
  • NO.160

What is Urban Most Awesome Dad

Read ‘Urban Most Awesome Dad’ Online for Free, written by the author Zi Mo Yan Ran, This book is a Magical Realism Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: He was once a great Immortal, but his attempt to ascend the Nine Heavens ended in failure. Reincarnated on the Blue Star...


He was once a great Immortal, but his attempt to ascend the Nine Heavens ended in failure. Reincarnated on the Blue Star, as he opened his eyes, he found himself with an adorable daughter. And a stunningly beautiful wife? "Daddy, can you cast a spell for me?" "I could even pluck the stars from the sky for you."

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Zi Mo Yan Ran



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is there any other title for this novel??????????????????...??.?


i like 2nd chances and dad and daughter situations


Does anyone know the original chinese name of this novel or at least the author? I want to find the original raws but can’t find anything…


(ignore the star rating I hate the way webnovel rates books) this book is just a good time. I've always enjoyed the trope a of adorable character A being unconditionally backed be scary strong character B and that's basically what this is. it's great. BUT 1 I don't like the daughter's mother/MC supposed wife. she seems intentionally unlikeable and sometimes makes life harder for not only the MC but also their daughter AND herself. simply because of a decision she made on her own and now blames the MC for. it's infuriating.


for the first time i read a novel about an immortal emperor being reborn but got addicted to it is this a translated mtl novel ??


this novel is so well translated . the best in recent days . i have been searching for something new and found this novel .❤️❤️


it was a good story the plot is excellent and the characters are realistic.


Reveal spoiler


wow translator have thick skin huh? imagine only 14 chapters free. u were just copy pasting it.


It's unfortunate, I wanted to like it, but the translation quality is horrible. Either everyone has three different names or random new characters pop out with no background and fade to black just as quickly. Also the cute daughter turns into a son many times. Read to chpt 44, enjoy the stones and get an editor or at a minimum put up a half hearted effort towards the translation.


i commend the author's guts for only giving 14 free chapters for a rip off novel. a copy paste of godly stay-home dad novel.


Translation quality: 0 Chinese names, Chinese phrases, Chinese words. The story is chinese Supremacy [img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp]


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