Chapter 16 Zhonghai Bigwig Lu Chennong_1

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Lu Chennong and Zhang Lijuan, a married couple, had barely hung up the phone with Xu Fan before they made their way to Su Chen's place without stopping.

As Lu Chennong walked in, he carried two ancient-looking wooden boxes made of sandalwood, with gold and jade inlays and a large number of pictures engraved on them, appearing very valuable.

A faint scent of medicinal herbs drifted slowly from the wooden boxes.

"Uncle Lu? What brings you here?" Xu Yixue saw Lu Chennong and her expression subtly changed, speaking with a hint of surprise.

"Oh? Are you Little Xue from the Xu Family?" Lu Chennong also saw Xu Yixue in the room, his expression brightening.

"Yes, Uncle Lu, you still remember me. I am Little Xue. It's been several years since I saw you after going to America." Xu Yixue smiled at Lu Chennong and gave him a gentle bow.