Chapter 7: Promotion of Martial Artist, Panel Update

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"To become a martial artist, one must at least cultivate a third-rate martial art to the state of perfection. I am only in the stage of small achievements, and there is still a long way to go!"

In the bathtub, Lu Yun soaked in it, washing away the sweat and fatigue from his body.

Today's training was really tiring, and it made him aware of the martial arts situation among the younger generation of Spirit Creek Village. At the same time, it also made him realize the differences between himself and his peers.

Others took years to practice a third-rate martial art to small achievements, while he was able to achieve this in just a dozen days, which proved the difference between a genius and an average person.

[Breaking Wind Saber Technique: Small Achievement (4%)]

[Energy Points: 4.1]

After taking a bath, Lu Yun opened the attribute panel and saw that his saber technique had improved by one point, making him feel even more refreshed.

"Even without energy points, I can still feel my progress every day. Considering this, my innate talent is not bad, and can even be said to be excellent."

For the next few days, Lu Yun's life was peaceful and fulfilling. He practiced the Breaking Wind Saber Technique in the morning and evening, making progress of 1% to 2% every day, and his body's speed and strength were also slowly increasing.

In addition, he ate a lot of meat to help his body grow, making him look more refined and strong compared to the other teenagers who practiced martial arts alongside him, giving off a sense of competence and sturdiness.

What surprised Lu Yun even more was that as his physical fitness and Breaking Wind Saber Technique improved, he felt a warm force emanating from his heart, which extended to various parts of his body. It didn't greatly increase his strength but significantly improved his endurance.

After just two months, he could practice the saber technique more than eighty times before feeling tired.

It was spring again, and the vast Cloud Dream Mountain Range was filled with endless greenery, buzzing with life.

At the foot of Cloud Dream Mountain, a small village, Spirit Creek Village, was full of rising smoke and harmonious atmosphere.

In a small grove outside the village, Lu Yun was practicing the Breaking Wind Saber Technique.

Whiff! Whiff! Whiff!

Lu Yun held a long saber in his hand, with the blade cutting through the air, slashing down, sideways, and upwards. Each slash was accompanied by the sound of the wind.

After practicing the Breaking Wind Saber Technique for several months, he had mastered the saber technique to perfection. The only thing limiting his mastery was his physical strength.

But after today, this limitation would no longer exist.

Suddenly, the saber technique in Lu Yun's hand seemed to have entered another level, as a violent wind surged around him, and sharper swordlights began to appear like waves rising and falling.

Next, a warm current flowed from his heart to his whole body, and a powerful aura emanated from him. Lu Yun, holding the saber, looked as if he had ascended and became even more intimidating.

"I've finally made a breakthrough in my Breaking Wind Saber Technique!"

Feeling his own strength, Lu Yun couldn't help but reveal a slight smile.

From small achievement to great accomplishment, it took him nearly three months of hard work to progress without the help of any extra points.

[Breaking Wind Saber Technique: Great Accomplishment (1%)]

[Energy Points: 10.9]

Upon opening the attribute panel, Lu Yun saw his great accomplishment in the Breaking Wind Saber Technique and the impressive energy value of 10.9, which filled him with excitement.

"It's time for these energy points that I've accumulated to come into play. Today, let's boost the Breaking Wind Saber Technique to the state of perfection in one go!"

As he thought about it, he improved his saber technique.

With the experience of upgrading a few times, Lu Yun had become adept at the changes in his body and other reactions that came along when upgrading his martial arts.

Soon, one energy point was consumed, and the great accomplishment of the Breaking Wind Saber Technique improved by 10%.

This was within his expectations. The higher the level of the Breaking Wind Saber Technique, the more energy points required for consumption.

Without hesitation, he continued to upgrade.


After nearly half an incense stick's worth of time, Lu Yun's body shook violently, and a strong vitality arose, then quickly vanished from his body.

[Breaking Wind Saber Technique: Great Accomplishment (91%)]

[Energy Points: 1.9]

"It's almost perfect!"

Looking at the information on the panel, Lu Yun showed a smile, and his heart was filled with excitement.

He was getting closer and closer to becoming a martial artist.

"Success or failure depends on this moment. I shall keep upgrading!"

Although Lu Yun was already very close to being a martial artist, he did not stop there but continued to upgrade.

He converged his mind and continued to upgrade.


As soon as the thought fell, an energy point disappeared in an instant. Following that, an overwhelmingly strong force rose from his body and surged throughout his body.

His blood was boiling!

His bones trembled!

His strength was surging!

At this moment, Lu Yun felt as if his entire body had undergone a metamorphosis, and he seemed to have inexhaustible strength and endless power. His spirit was also extremely excited.

This upgrade was different from the previous times, as it was a leap of improvement and a complete transformation.

The changes continued, and vitality surged throughout his body, giving birth to a warm breath at his Dantian. Like strands of hair, it flowed throughout his body, tempering his bones and refining his flesh.

During this process, his vitality gradually strengthened, and his strength slowly increased, but it was an insignificant increase that ordinary people could hardly notice.

I have become a martial artist!?

Lu Yun, waking up from the breakthrough state, opened his attribute panel right away.

[Name]: Lu Yun

[Influence]: Spirit Creek Village

[Martial Arts]: Breaking Wind Saber Technique (Perfect, non-upgradable)

[Innate Talent]: Level 4

[Martial Arts]: Enter Martial Realm Early Stage

[Energy Points]: 0.9


Lu Yun looked at the updated panel and felt a shock in his heart.

In the beginning, the panel was simple and crude, showing only martial arts and energy points.

Now, not only were there name and influence, but also innate talent and martial realm added.

What surprised Lu Yun was the innate talent.

"A Level 4 innate talent, I don't know if it's considered genius or not. I'll have to ask Uncle Meng some time."

Soon, Lu Yun's gaze fell on the martial arts section. Compared to innate talent, the words "Enter Martial Realm Early Stage" made him even more excited.

Even though everything had been expected.

There were over a thousand people in Spirit Creek Village, but less than fifty of them could become martial artists.

In other words, Lu Yun was now among the strongest few in Spirit Creek Village.

Three months ago, he was a defectively weak person, but now he had become a powerful martial artist, which was a huge leap.

It would be a lie to say that he wasn't happy about such a transformation.

But he also understood that becoming a martial artist was just the beginning.

"Uncle Meng said that the first realm of martial arts is the Enter Martial Realm, which is divided into four stages: early, middle, late, and perfect, corresponding to the phases of strength, burst, counter-impact, and speed. My strength is still growing, far from reaching the limit, so I should be at the early stage of the Enter Martial Realm."

"Moreover, without further martial arts to study, it's impossible to upgrade. It seems that I need to plan for entering the Martial Academy."

Lu Yun's smile faded, and he fell into deep thought.