Unstoppable Martial Arts: Starting from Attribute Points Allocation

Author: Sad wind turns the sunset
Eastern Fantasy
Ongoing · 2.3M Views
  • 801 Chs
  • 3.5
    28 ratings
  • NO.64

What is Unstoppable Martial Arts: Starting from Attribute Points Allocation

Read ‘Unstoppable Martial Arts: Starting from Attribute Points Allocation’ Online for Free, written by the author Sad wind turns the sunset, This book is a Eastern Fantasy Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Lu Yun woke up one day to find himself a young hunter in the Spirit Martial Prefecture of Ling Province in Morigin.With ...


Lu Yun woke up one day to find himself a young hunter in the Spirit Martial Prefecture of Ling Province in Morigin. With demon beasts rampant and the Hundred Sects standing strong, watch as Lu Yun uses his attribute panel to enhance his cultivation technique, grow stronger, and travel across the universe.

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Sad wind turns the sunset



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It's really not that good. Other than just being boring. The MC is naive and gets taken advantage of easily. Also, it's not very immersive nor does it have any vivid descriptions. I feel like I'm being told a story instead of shown a story. It's a 2.6\5 for me


Recently the main character of the novel (I’m at 330+) has changed to some other random person. We spend chapters upon chapters away from the MC. I can’t stand reading this stupidity anymore. It’s story telling quality has already dropped excessively but man, it’s just horrible lately. I’m dropping it. Not worth the time.


Does anyone have the raw of this It like to read ahead


Good novel. Worth reading !!!


This novel is just trash. I'm only at chapter 5 and already there are many issues. 1. The protagonist is stupid. He is greedy for progress and careless, taking completely unneeded risks. Additionally he has one skill and and hesitates to put his points into it in a life and death situation. I would say he is as intelligent as my 10 year old self. Truly pathetic. 2. The system is already inconsistent. He suddenly has more energy points than in the last chapter. I repeat, this was chapter 5. 3. There is zero world-building. Only his room, sister and brother get a description, everything else just is. He way as well live in a world made out of cardboard. Conclusion: I have read better novels I have rated 1 star. This is a zero star novel. At least it in a fantasy setting and likely won't have racism. Making it a part of the bottom 1% of novels I've read, but not a contender for worst novel ever. I bet 20 bucks most, if not all, of those 5 star reviews are bought.


Translation is nice barely any mistakes u gonna notice not overall a nice addition to my library can’t wait for new chapters give it a try.


This is just fully steaming hot garbage, one of the worst novels I've seen. The idea of the system is actually pretty good it's just that the author is bad at putting it into a good story. All 5 star ratings are definitely bought.


The MC's progress is slow thus I don't like this novel.


honestly it could be a good novel but there are too many problems: 1) The author does not know how to count and forgets the points he added in the same chapter 2)The MC does not ask questions about non-orthodox sects or monsters, he just goes with the flow (even though he has just been reincarnated, he has no real reason to hate them) 3) The biggest problem is that there is no real crisis for the MC or his allies, they are always stronger and more numerous, which each time leaves no doubt about the outcome of the fights (google trad)(stop chapter 216raw)


Common world , rushed ploat, cardboard mc with stupid decisions, his "relatives" pretty dumb too.Overall it's bad right from the start


This novel is really decent and the cheat is one of few I find palatable. And honestly, the MC is not naive as he actually matures throughout the story.


I really appreciate the fact that there is finally a novel that has a decent cheat and decent character developement. Compared to the other stuff on trial reads, this novel is very decent.


The book caught me by surprise. It's a good read if you like fast pacing. Albeit predictable, atleast the harem was non-existent. I heard the book was dropped. +280 chapters read.


the author made an announcement that he is dropping the novel.


How do I say this? He's not very bright. He's kind of stupid he's not the Sharpest tool in the shed




4+2+2+3+2)/5=2.6 based on my reading the free chapters. nothing stood out. the cheat is there like always. the mc does not stand out. I'm not interested in any adventures he might have. feel free to read it as it's not yet a brain cell killer. however I do not recommend it.


Incomplete novel. This has been one of the better novels for some time. Story, plot and release rate were great. But as of 5/26/24 the releases have stopped. Time to only read completed novels.


Author seems to entranced with BL in this book. He should probably add it to the tags. Outside that it’s a pretty interesting read if the Author would stop screen splitting irrelevantly. No one likes fillers.


While this book can be entertaining it gets bogged down bybthe author’s habit of devoting several chapters on side characters who aren’t even interacting with the MC wnd are not very interesting. After wasting time on this these side characters tend to amount to nothing and are usually oushed to the side or defeated with minimal wffort from the MC. It ends up leaving a reader with a sense of having wasted time and money to read about something other than what you want, which is the MC


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