Chapter 6: First Hearing about Martial Arts Realm

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"Put some effort into it!"

Lu Meng did not stand still but walked slowly, carefully observing the actions of the teenagers.

"Lu Xiaolin, did you not eat today? There's no sign of strength."

"Lu Dayong, I think you should change your name. Your power doesn't match the 'brave and fierce' at all."

"Lu Feiniu, I'm talking about you. Focus your attention, use your strength throughout your body. If you want to make progress in the Breaking Wind Blade Technique, you have to practice it thousands of times."

Lu Meng would scold those who were not serious or not using their strength, and correct them.

Whether they were good or not good at practicing, everyone was afraid of being stared at by Lu Meng. They all became more careful and cautious.

"Lu Tianhu, your movements are very standard, your saber swings have strength, good job, keep going."

The young man named Lu Tianhu didn't seem particularly excited from Lu Meng's praise. On the contrary, his face was extremely calm, as if he deserved the praise.

Indeed, ever since he was a child, all he got was praise and affirmation.

"If it weren't for his dad giving him private lessons, he wouldn't be much better than us!" one of the teenagers muttered darkly.

This teenager Lu Yun knew; he was one of the village youngsters who was second only to Lu Tianhu in terms of talent and strength, named Lu Liangpeng.

Compared to Lu Tianhu, whose father was the captain of a hunting team, Lu Liangpeng's family background was much more humble.

"Lu Liangpeng, there is some progress compared to last time." At this time, Lu Meng's attention finally fell on Lu Liangpeng and praised him generously.

Children are like this: when they should be praised, praise them, scold them when they should be scolded. Lu Meng thought that he understood this very well.

As expected, after hearing Lu Meng's praise, Lu Liangpeng stood a little straighter, and his saber swings became even more forceful.

Seeing the positive effect, Lu Meng nodded slightly, quickly swept over Lu Liangpeng, and began 'instruction' for the next person.

As a teacher, what he should do is share his teaching equally with everyone.

In this way, his gaze finally fell on Lu Yun.

When it came to Lu Yun, he knew about him. Due to innate reasons, his body had always been weak, and it was only by relying on Lu He that he could survive until now.

Yesterday, Lu He suddenly found him and asked to add Lu Yun's name to the training list, which surprised him.

Today, upon seeing that Lu Yun's body had indeed recovered and even become more robust, he looked much like a boy of about twelve or thirteen years old.

Feeling Lu Meng approaching, Lu Yun's heart did not waver, and he continued to practice the Breaking Wind Saber Technique without distraction.

Lu Meng walked closer and stood next to Lu Yun, trying to find some shortcomings or faults in him. However, he stood there for a while without noticing any flaws in him, which surprised him somewhat.

"Yesterday, Lu He told me that this kid had reached the entry level in less than a month of practicing the Breaking Wind Saber Technique; it seems like it's true." Lu Meng examined Lu Yun, secretly admiring him.

At this time, Lu Yun's saber technique flowed smoothly with both speed and power. Compared to the others, his progress was apparent, and Lu Meng nodded repeatedly.

Gradually, the power of some teenagers' saber swings weakened, and they began to look weak and powerless. Lu Meng did not scold them anymore.

None of the young people could truly complete practicing the first move of the Breaking Wind Saber Technique, Sweeping Thousands of Armies.

Even the currently best-performing Lu Tianhu was no exception.

As expected, it didn't take long before one teenager after another reached their limit.

Lu Liangpeng couldn't go on after practicing for the 45th time, completely exhausted.

Lu Tianhu was slightly better, barely persisting until the 59th time.

"Although it's quite far from practicing one hundred times, everyone's progress is pretty good. Today's training ends here." Lu Meng declared loudly.

Hearing these words, the youngsters from Spirit Creek Village cheered and laid down their long sabers, collapsing to the ground.

"For the next hour, if you have any questions or doubts, you can ask me."

"Uncle Meng, I've been at the small achievement level in saber technique for three months, but I can't reach the great accomplishment level, is there any trick or method?" Lu Mingpeng asked first, seizing the opportunity.

"Your understanding of the Breaking Wind Saber Technique is fundamentally correct, and you practice diligently. However, there is a vast gap between small achievement and great accomplishment. To reach the great accomplishment level of the technique, your speed and power are still lacking.

The reason I ask you to practice the Breaking Wind Saber Technique one hundred times every day is not to torture you but to help you reach a level where you can easily complete the task, making great accomplishment naturally within reach."

Lu Meng's answer not only darkened Lu Mingpeng's face but also induced a sigh from the other teenagers.

According to their current progress, they might need more than half a year of hard training to achieve great accomplishment.

"Uncle Meng, with less than three months left for the Martial Academy's entrance examination, is there any way for me to quickly reach the great accomplishment level?" Lu Tianhu asked with eager eyes.

"Your speed in saber technique is barely enough, but your physical strength is not there yet. You can ask your father to prepare more beast meat for you to build up your strength quickly."

"Thank you for your guidance, Uncle Meng!" Lu Tianhu gratefully thanked Lu Meng.

"Does anyone else have any doubts?" Lu Meng's gaze fell back on Lu Yun, scrutinizing him.

"Uncle Meng..."

Lu Yun forced himself to stand up.

Lu Meng squinted his eyes: "I see that your Breaking Wind Saber Technique is not just at the entry level; have you already reached a small achievement?"

"I just broke through, and Uncle Meng already found out." Lu Yun gave an embarrassed smile, which matched his childish face perfectly and didn't feel out of place at all.

After getting confirmation from Lu Yun, Lu Meng didn't show any particular reaction, but the other teenagers were shocked.

Although they had already accepted that Lu Yun, once a sickly weakling, had recovered and joined the training team, they were greatly surprised that he had already reached the small achievement level in the saber technique.

Among all the teenagers, fewer than ten people could practice the Breaking Wind Saber Technique to a small achievement.

Moreover, those people had been practicing for at least several years.

"Less than half a month, and you've achieved a small accomplishment in Breaking Wind Blade Technique. It looks like a great figure will emerge from Spirit Creek Village in the future." The more Lu Meng looked at Lu Yun, the more satisfied he felt.

"Lu Yun, do you have any questions for me? It can be about martial arts or any other area. Feel free to ask." Lu Meng smiled.

He really wanted to open the door of convenience for a true genius like Lu Yun.

Lu Yun could see Lu Meng's appreciation for him, and since he had questions in his mind, he asked, "Uncle Meng, I would like to know about the divisions of Martial Arts Realm."

"You're actually asking this question." Lu Meng glanced at Lu Yun and nodded, "It's normal for you to ask this question since this is your first time participating in the group training."

"The first realm of martial arts is called Entering Martial Realm, which is further divided into four stages: early stage, middle stage, late stage, and perfection, corresponding to strength, burst, resistance, and speed.

Once your strength, explosive power, resistance to impact, and speed reach a certain level, you can enter the next realm – Meridian Passage Realm.

As for realms beyond the Meridian Passage Realm, you will know them once you become a martial artist. It is not beneficial for you to know them now."

"It's probably because they're afraid it will hurt some people's confidence!" Lu Yun speculated quietly, continuing to ask, "Uncle Meng, how can we advance to the Entering Martial Realm and become martial artists?"

Lu Meng grinned, "It's simple. As long as you practice any third-rate martial art to perfection, you can become a martial artist."