True Essence

Author: Motsu_Kion
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What is True Essence

Read True Essence novel written by the author Motsu_Kion on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, comedy, magic, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


'The world we live in is a world of essences. Everything has an essence, animals, plants, elements, concepts. And only those who can understand them, can see the world as it is.' Gen ended up losing his essence, and after trying everything and not being able to get it back, when he was just about to give up, he meets a man at a pub who after hearing his story, says to him, "Have you ever heard of Dahji? He was the emperor of the greatest empire that once existed in this world. The legends say that every year he would hold a tournament, giving the winner a wish of his choice." "But the empire doesn't exist anymore." "Who said that? Have you ever heard of a desert south of here?" "Yeah, the desert of ..." "Dahji." Gen then decides to go to the desert, and after three years living there, Gen finally leaves towards a ruin that could be the solution he was looking for. but little did he know that this ruin wasn't the end of his troubles, but the beginning of his journey. Follow Gen on his journey in this world of essences, making friends, finding unimaginable places, and dominating the essences.

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Hi everyone, I'm the author of True Essence. I'll use this review to specify what my goals are with this novel. First of all, this is my first novel, so bear with me a little bit :) Let's follow the review grading. Writing Quality 3/5 : It's the best I can do right now but I'm trying to improve myself day by day. I'm open to criticism, if you think it sucks, please tell me why, so I can try to fix it. Stability of Updates 5/5 : Well, till now I never failed to post at least one charpter a day :) , I plan to post more as I get more used to it. Story Development 3/5 : There's almost nothing right now, but I have some ideas in store. I hope you like it. Character Design 5/5 : I like the main characters vey much, there's so many new ones to appear to, sigh, I really need to up my writing so they can enter the story. World Background 3/5 : well, for now there's only a desert, but I plan to build a big world. If everything goes right the desert will be nothing more than a very little part of it. Kinda weird to rate myself. Now a little about why I'm writing this novel. I love reading and the feeling it gives me when I immerse myself into a world. There's many stories that I love, but without a doubt my biggest inspiration is One Piece. I've been watching it since I was little and without a doubt I would not be the person I am today had I not watched it. I just hope this story can bring someone the same feelings I have when I'm reading One Piece. I really hope you'll give it a chance. Thank you for reading :)


love the way this story is going and the plot and character development is great I'm definitely adding this book to my library, keep up the good work author❤️


Your oddly specific with height. Trust me the story doesn't need it. Also focus more using words efficiently. I'd try some power verbs to punch up future chapters all in all its not bad


This novel is really intresting at the first chapter, the first scene take place in some sort of a bar it did gave me some wild west vibes except no shootouts, when it comes to the fight a scene the writing is very discriptive to say the least. overall this got me hook.


190 + chapters and an amazingly committed author. A well-written story so far. 10 Chapter in and I'm invested. I think the story is well planned and I like how it progresses. The earlier chapter's pacing is not bad but I do like a faster pace overall I enjoy it.


Great stuff, i enjoyed the story and the main character, so far I've read quite a few chapters, and I can definitely say I look forward to reading more. Keep up the good work!


This is an amazing story so far. This novel is very unique and I really like the concept of essences. The world building and writing style are some of my favorite parts.



This book is awesome and anyone reading this should give this story a try. It starts out pretty good and improves as you get farther into it.


I don't know what to say, but I'm sure of one thing, the story feels amazingly forced to the point where the mc is literally telling the exact dialogues he had in a conversation with someone to a third person. The abilities are also explained in a similar fashion. So, no thanks I just can't bear it, if other people can bear it, they might appreciate the mystery maybe, though those mysteries also feel forced.


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