Traveling through horror cinema, start with Supernatural.

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What is Traveling through horror cinema, start with Supernatural.

Read ‘Traveling through horror cinema, start with Supernatural.’ Online for Free, written by the author MRCAT66, This book is a Movies Fanfic, covering SYSTEM Fanfiction, MYSTERY Fan Fiction, TRANSMIGRATION Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: What would you do if you could travel after horror films? This option would be easily rejected by others, but what if it...


What would you do if you could travel after horror films? This option would be easily rejected by others, but what if it were your only option? Follow Henry who woke up in his favorite series but with a special golden finger. . - (This novel won't have an MC who comes to power out of nowhere just because he gains power, it will be more realistic and full of tragedy and plot, and things won't go as the MC plans. This novel won't have an MC who knows everything, can do everything and thinks of everything. If you're looking for a novel with a gradual evolution, where you can see the MC's personal improvement, this novel is for you. No harem, by the way. The MC will have friends and companions, this romance won't have a super-powerful and lonely domineering MC who only has slaves!]

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The idea is very good but the grammar is horrible, most sentences are confusing or downright nonsensical, I don't know if its a translation or what but I can't enjoy it at all.


as tradition I am writing my review, this book and a repostation in English, this book is being written by me in Portuguese Brazil and translated into English.If you like the story I ask you to comment and leave some stones.Hugs of the cat..


seems interesting but the story flow is bad and the dialogues looks like AI generated or translated from a CN fic. LoL the first dialogue alone turned me off already, nobody says "oh you convinced me". MC wasn't even convincing, just your typical Cardboard characters with soulless dialogues.


The premise is good, but the grammar makes me want to cut out my eyes. You should definitely get some better software, or if it’s a person translating then find someone who can actually speak English. I am sure it’s much better in the original language.


I’m currently 35 chapters in and it’s good. I would personally prefer it if the protagonist was a little more overpowered… but right now it’s looking like the author is going for a more balanced approach. 🤷🏻‍♂️ One thing new readers should be aware of is that the whole ‘horror movie’ aspect of the story is relatively separate from his day-to-day activities (unless you consider living in the TV series Supernatural as horror 😅) so this isn’t a hodgepodge amalgamation of a bunch of horror stories causing chaos and confusion, it’s ‘systemic’ and orderly. The characters represented aren’t perfectly representative to their theatrical counterparts either… as the author has gone for a reasonably more realistic portrayal, and while this particular alteration feels slightly off putting I believe it’s better for the overall plot. So if you happen to like Supernatural/horror and your looking for a little light reading then this story is a good choice.


A masterpiece. Please don't give up writing. I absolutely advise you to read this fanfic, I've been waiting for a supernatural fanfic for such a long time!


Interesting story, horrendous grammar


It’s great work, author, keep it up, don’t give up. Many will come to criticize, but few know how hard it is for us BRs to translate into English… The FF idea is great, dude, very creative. I’ve always liked the Supernatural series, but unfortunately, there are few fanfics about it. It’s good to finally have some. The chapters have a good update rate, the characters are well written, and as the story progresses, you can see the evolution. Go for it!


The novel was a really fun read. but like most stories based in the supernatural universe, it has been dropped "temporarily"


Bro you had me at no harem. Harems just become boring if you’ve stayed on webnovel as long I have. Also I like it when characters gain stuff from other worlds that gradually make them stronger. Have you ever seen that one novel where multiple characters travel through worlds. Basic normal people from earth taken to this being that’s referred to as god. They can buy bloodlines and abilites from worlds or even gain them in said world they visit. That’s what this synopsis reminded me of so I’m looking forward to it.


The first thing I would like to say - Give me your typing skills!!! Man, I can't really type beyond a chapter or two in a day and you posted 40 chapters in 9 days?! You kidding me?! Anyways, coming to the book itself- It's great! The idea, the vision; everything comes together really well. That being said, the only thing I would suggest is to get a grammatical editing tool like Grammarly. Since you translate from Brazilian Portuguese, the translator can botch up sometimes. But all in all, it's a pretty solid book. If you guys are hesitating, don't. This is a novel with real thought behind it. The author has improved tremendously in the latest chapter, so it will be an enjoyable experience. Good luck :)


Reveal spoiler


Uma obra muito boa com grande potencial, até o momento estou gostando muito, já estou começando a ficar ansioso todos os dias esperando o lançamento de mais capítulos. Suguru padeiro recomenda esta fic.


Well, it does have a few grammar errors, but its not something that affect the quality of the work. A Supernatural fanfic is amazing and a breath of fresh air, I cannot recomend it enough. Now stop reading this and go read the fic!


Great story it has a few grammar errors but there not horrible I RECOMMEND TO HORROR SHOW/MOVIE LOVERS




histoire intéressante, j en suis au chapitre 25 et je trouve que c est un très très bon début, j espère que l histoire continuera sur cette lancé


Author's a G, what can I say. ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- -------------------------------------


A história e muito boa , alguns erros mas aceital . As idéias do autor são muito boas com mundos quase não usados mas muito bons , oque torná tudo muito melhor , que continue assim .


Great story thanks for making it in English it's one of the only few supernatural stories out there will the mc be on arc angel level later


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