Transported into a werewolf world Book

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Transported into a werewolf world


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Raphael Vann is known to be one of the best and youngest renowned archeologist who had wished for a new start at life. Joining an expedition to a mysterious cave, with a total of twenty archeologists who were recruited to retrieve an ancient artifact. As they had finally gotten a lead on the artifact, they are faced with a life threatening situation as the traps set to protect it were activated. Raphael had to rely on this mysterious artifact known as the weltic runestone as the only chance of him surviving. In doing so, he was given a new shot at life, he woke up to being alive in a strange new world– the world of the werewolves. As the only human among werewolves, he struggles to survive, while unknowingly fulfilling one of the greatest prophecies known to the pack. ––––––––––– Ps- The cover doesn't belong to me. Text editing done by yours truly ( ꈍᴗꈍ) ––––––––––– Contact the author to discuss more about story or share your thoughts with me! Discord: Bloomjay#0759 Instagram: Bloom_a_ & Bloomseries ––––––––––– >200 Votes within a week= mass release of 2-5 chapters in a day. (stockpile of >10 chapters already in draft!)


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