Transmigrating from a zombie world to become the mecha kings wife

Author: 1cutecat
Sci-fi Romance
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What is Transmigrating from a zombie world to become the mecha kings wife

Read Transmigrating from a zombie world to become the mecha kings wife novel written by the author 1cutecat on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Sci-fi Romance stories, covering r18, weaktostrong, cultivation, transmigration, genius. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


There were three words in the Sun star empire to describe Scarlet Su, Useless, trash and stupid. But one day, Scarlet Su's star account went from having the user name 'The mecha king's bride' to 'The mecha king sucks.' Suddenly everyone wondered, what new attention seeking game was she playing? Dying in a zombie infested earth, a young woman dives into a door way which should lead to a wonderful new world but instead, she awakens on an interstellar world in the body of Scarlet Su, the unwanted wife of the empire's favorite general and mecha king. She becomes an instant mother to the general's son and the part owner of an undeveloped garbage planet. Luckily, she has transmigrated with her storage space, millions of supplies and a willingness to work hard. Unfortunately, she is tricked into becoming a grim reaper in this interstellar world. Every week she must deliver souls to the underworld or risk losing her newly acquired mental strength and return to the being the old Weak, useless Scarlet. She went from being Scarlet the useless to Scarlet the amazing and her husband suddenly came calling desperate for her to accept his love. She said, "Talk to your son first, he is the one seeking a father." But his son said, "You want to be my daddy, join the line of suitors over there and fill in your information." Excerpt: "So the prodigal husband returns after all this time and here I thought you were dead." she said sarcastically. "Watch your tongue Scarlet, I am still your husband." Scarlet laughed and crossed her arms, "So you are aware that you are a husband, how should I react now that you have chosen to embrace the title you so easily wanted to discard a few months ago. Should I clap my hands and then take my clothes off and beg you to ravish me?" she rolled her eyes at him and scoffed. She watched her husband slowly walk toward her with a focused furious look in his eyes and she wondered if she had pushed him too far. "You dared to send me divorce papers, Scarlet, have you lost your damn mind?" 'No,' she thought, 'On the contrary, you have lost yours.' Cover picture is not mine and can be taken down at owners wish.

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