The Prodigy of the Hidden World Book

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The Prodigy of the Hidden World


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There is an unseen side to this world. A world beneath the one we know, aptly named the Hidden World. A world filled with magic and the mystical. Beneath layers of rock and stone, of dirt and dust, the Hidden World is where magic and the magicians thrive. The mundane world, untouched by magic and the arcane, was of no interest to them, up until a disaster that took place fifteen years ago, revealing the hidden truth to humanity. Now, the mundane world is slowly adjusting to the existence of magic and the otherworldly as wildmagic runs rampant, threatening to kill and destroy. Magic schools have opened up, and children are encouraged to learn magic. Two students enrol at Fawn's Magic Academy – two people who don’t seem ordinary at all. Iris Yotsura, heir to the most powerful of the Three Clans, has little magic if any. Her father, the Master of the clan, has sent her to a prestigious magic academy in the mundane world, hoping a new method to unlock her powers could be discovered in this once-useless place. And as her guardian, Aether Yotsura is chosen. Regarded as nothing more than a worthless servant to the Yotsura clan by the uninitiated, he accompanies her in this journey to the mundane world. Though his presence is not enough to stop the attempts at Iris’ life, his sense of duty will not allow him to fail, no matter what. Bound to the Yotsura clan by an oath of blood, and his powers under lock and key, Aether must do his best with this limited form to protect Iris as well as the school itself. And wait. Wait for the opportunity to break free of the chains that bind him. * * * Be advised that the Protagonist is rather powerful. If you really dislike OP protagonists, this might not be for you. * * * This is my submission for the 2021 Webnovel Spirity Awards.

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