Transmigrated Into A Ruined Novel As An Extra

Ren is a young university student living a lonely life on earth as a normal human, of course, until one random night where he goes to sleep and miraculously wakes up to a pool of blood, but wait... this isn't his house, and this body, it doesn't belong to him. Unexpectedly, Ren finds out that this new world he is in is the same as the one from a novel he used to read, and he wasn't transmigrated as the hero who would 'save the world', get all the girls, and level up through the power of friendship and plot armor, no, he had become a character that was only mentioned in two chapters of the entire novel... It seemed like a sure loss at first, since this novel had a tragic ending all because of the main character's decisions, but Ren really didn't want to die along with the world, so he would have to make efforts to make sure the story doesn't go down the original path. "Since I'm not a weakling, I can affect the cause of the world actively and not just from the shadows... Heh, my dare MC, you might have to give your life for the cause."

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96 Chs

The Truth About Creation

"The power of my 'slash' skill earlier was really something, just like the General said, it's easily comparable to several years worth of practice. I wonder what it would be like at level 10." Ren was happy to have such skills at his disposal.

'With skills like this, I can move forward the plans to challenge some hidden dungeons way before the MC even finds them and get the first clear rewards… Hehe, those first clear rewards…" He said the last part aloud.

. .


Name: Ren Ashburn

Class: Lightning Swordsman

Level: 1 (experience bar)


Strength: 10

Agility: 10

Force: 15

Physique: 20

Remaining stat points: 0


[Innate Ability]

Absolute Replication



Passive: Lightning Body

Active: Lightning Impulse, Slash

. . .

Apart from the skills, the first thing that caught Ren's attention when he first saw his status window was the fact that his 'force' and 'physique' were higher than normal, and especially his physique, it was insane. The normal stats were 10, and that was what everyone started with, the only people who were different were the MC and a few others.

'Even then, the MC only started with more points in strength at 15, and that was the highest, the rest were 12 or 11.' Regardless, it does make a huge difference. Someone who started with higher stats, even though a little higher would natural have an advantage no matter what, especially in the beginning stages.

'I think by now its common knowledge that exercises don't do well in raising stats, even though it's still relatively important.'

This was normal and reasonable. Even though one could break a concrete block in one punch, if they lack endurance, after throwing several punches, they would naturally tire. Same with speed, one had to maintain good bodily functions. 'Perhaps, the only leeway are those who like to play mages who only really rely on force.'

There was no such thing as 'magic,' after all.

'Anyway, I wonder what this 'lightning impulse' is.'

. .

[Lightning Impulse]

Course your force filled with lightning energy through your body. Can be maintained for as long as possible until your force is extinguished.

Level: 1

Proficiency EXP: -experience bar-


Your senses and perception become sharper

50% increase in strength and agility

Lightning barrier around your body that increases defense by 50%

. .

[Lightning Body]

Manifested with an extremely high affinity to the lightning element.

Level: 1


+5 to physique

10% increase in proficiency to all lightning techniques

Lightning discharge (active) – deal stun, burn, and shock effect

. .


Cut through everything within a 10 metre of attack. The full power is exerted regardless of medium due to an extremely high affinity with the sword.

Level: 1

Range: 10 metres

. .

Looking at these skills, Ren couldn't stop the grinning. He did expect the skills to be good, but not this good, it simply felt overkill.

'Even the MC doesn't have this kind of talent. Am I actually meant to be some kind of hidden master in this world instead? Maybe the god of creation himself was disappointed with the MC and the others and brought me here to fix things up?'

That was some wild imagination, but Ren had his fun while it lasted.

. .

[Absolute Replication]

As long as you understand the total and complete working principle of a skill or technique, it can be replicated. The rank of the replicated skill or technique maybe be higher, lower or the same with the original depending on your own comprehension.

. .

'Damn… This is… Isn't this overkill? This has to be the best innate ability ever.'

Looking at it, Ren could already see himself slapping his foes to death. No matter how he saw it, this was the best thing that could happen to someone who has reincarnated from earth to another world. As long as he wasn't limited to things in this world, Ren saw no end to the infinite possibilities.

'But, what does it mean by total and complete? Is this some kind of restriction to make it harder to get to? Heh, not against me…'

There was no need to wait to see other people's skills while he himself was a library of dozens of skills and techniques from the hundreds of anime and mange he had spent all life reading… (He wasn't even up to 25 though…)

"Let's test it out right this instant."

'Absolute Replication.' Ren said in his mind. He didn't have to say the name for it to activate, he just did it out of excitement.

Once the ability was active, Ren was dropped in a whole other realm, or so it seemed. He was still seated in his room quite alright, but his vision was elsewhere. He found himself within a space separate from the physical world. It was pitch black with hundreds, if not thousands of lines passing at a constant high speed that resembled infinite falling stars.

'This alone is awesome.' He thought to himself.

The first thing that came to his mind was to replicate the sharingan, as a huge fan of the show, this was one of the best things that fascinated him the most.

After spending nearly twenty minutes on the creation, the results were more than he imagined!

[Replication Failed]

[Data stored]

"… huh?" Ren remained in an inanimate state for some seconds.

'Well, it was too good to be true from the very start…' and from what he knew in life, anything that sounded too good to be true definitely had some backbone as to why it sounded like that, and 9 times out of ten, it was at it appeared, too good to be true.

 Nevertheless, Ren didn't relent, he persevered and tried out many other skills and techniques from his memory.

"… Well, none of them worked, huh?"

Kamehameha, ki gun, teleportation, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, bullet time, ki blast… "Even ki blast, accumulation and dispelling of energy… I see the challenge."

Unlike what he initially thought, he had to provide every single variable for it to work, there was no real automatic fill in function provided by the system. Anyway, with knowledge of how it worked, he put it off for now.

'Though I know what my skills are now, I need to put them to the test to feel the effects before knowing how to use them against others.'

Anyway, Ren left things the way they were now. He also wasn't sure if the syndicates were already on the block, so it was better not to go out to practice so early.

'I'll have time for all that later. Since the admission is still ongoing, the matriculation for us to become official students and start classes and stuff is still at least one week ahead. During that open period, I have to organize everything that I would want to do.' Ren was determined to rob the MC of a lot of opportunities, so there was no reason to go soft and not utilize such a good opportunity.

I can do this thing, it's easy! I don't even need to read for the test that much, I already understand everything... That guy should have done this and that, its not even that hard!... // Yeah, if you understand, come sit with me let's reflect on life a little

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