Transmigrated Into A Ruined Novel As An Extra

Ren is a young university student living a lonely life on earth as a normal human, of course, until one random night where he goes to sleep and miraculously wakes up to a pool of blood, but wait... this isn't his house, and this body, it doesn't belong to him. Unexpectedly, Ren finds out that this new world he is in is the same as the one from a novel he used to read, and he wasn't transmigrated as the hero who would 'save the world', get all the girls, and level up through the power of friendship and plot armor, no, he had become a character that was only mentioned in two chapters of the entire novel... It seemed like a sure loss at first, since this novel had a tragic ending all because of the main character's decisions, but Ren really didn't want to die along with the world, so he would have to make efforts to make sure the story doesn't go down the original path. "Since I'm not a weakling, I can affect the cause of the world actively and not just from the shadows... Heh, my dare MC, you might have to give your life for the cause."

Killix_Kreed · Fantasy
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96 Chs

Showing Talent, Not Just Skill

'If he knew I awakened three…'

Since everyone was so eager to see what skill he had awakened, Ren didn't keep them waiting.

He turned towards a tree that was just some feet away from the one with ice melting on it that Linda has shot earlier. He did face in that direction, so everyone thought he had his sight on the tree Linda shot instead.

Ren himself still didn't know how powerful his skills would be, but the plan was to impress the generals, so he wasn't holding back.

After standing still for a while and looking towards the tree, he looked at his dominant right hand and realized something.

'Since the skill's name is slash, I would need some kind of weapon, right?' Well, Ren had a very bold idea in mind.

He could request a weapon from one of the generals, and they would provide him with one, but why do that if he could show off the classic 'tree branch sword?'

Ren walked towards the tree, causing everyone to think he would use his skill once he got closer, maybe his skill needed a closer range, but then…

'This branch will do,' Ren thought to himself before taking a branch from the tree that had half melted ice sticking out of its trunk.

'What is he doing?'

'He sure takes his time, I wonder what kind of skill it is,' Isaac thought to himself, still maintaining an unimpressed face.

Once Ren came back, he simply held the branch over his left shoulder using his right hand, then he instantly accelerated towards the tree behind the one Linda hit…


There was no sound, and for a second, everyone around was confused as to what he aimed to achieve with what he just did, well, Ren was sure that the old heads had seen everything that happened.

'Wow, is skill is pretty impressive, and this is just level 1,' Ren could already tell this would be among his main arsenal, if not for a long time.

'What happened?' Linda thought to herself. She had felt something, but she wasn't certain, and she definitely didn't see anything.

Exactly three seconds after Ren made the slash, seven trees had fallen to the ground. It was supposed to be six, but Ren had also extended his hand backwards, so even the one Linda hit was taken along.

"All the trees around a ten-meter radius in front of him had been caught in his attack", that was clearly his skill range.

"To think a level 1 skill of someone who has just awakened will be this strong." One of the generals spoke.

What was most shocking wasn't even the range, but the cleanness of the cut. Before the trees fell, there was absolutely no sign that they had been cut.

"This youngster is unreal. First the powerful phenomena, then this?"

"I know, it's simply unheard of…"

"I think we've seen enough."

The generals spoke amongst themselves, but to the hearing of everyone around.

Ray had a crazy smile on his face, as if he had found the bully who beat him up ten years ago, but in a more positive way. Isaac on the other hand, his face was crunched up a bit, but nothing damaging to the muscles.

Everyone seemed surprised, even Linda who had a cold expression throughout, but Ashley seemed to be the only one who wasn't getting the hype. Since she didn't understand, she went ahead to ask innocently.

"Um, I don't understand, just how good is this?" It wasn't surprising that she would think this was nothing, after all, she received the most positive comment for her buff skill, maybe that was why, or she was just an uncomplicated soul.

"Well, to put it into perspective," Jack stated… Now, Ren was also walking back to the group.

"That slash he just performed is equivalent to the slash a swords-master who has spent fifteen years honing just his sword slash will achieve." Jack had only said it as it is, but the serious look on all the generals only intensified.

As for the students, they were shocked beyond bounds, to think this was someone that was starting school the same year as them, it was maddening to imagine.

'Main characters, seeing everyone stronger than them as a rival,' Ren thought to himself after he noticed how Ray was glaring at him. Needless to say, this was one of his faults that Ren and a lot of people hated when they read the original story. 'The need and drive to be better was good, but why does every single person have to be your competition? You could just work to be better than yesterday, after all, you are the hero, but no… Such a narcissist.'

Now, he had even gotten Isaac to become a potential rival, Ren was feeling tired already.

"That was exceptionally good. Ok, you all have done well, since the others have already gone ahead, I'll get someone to escort you instead so you can do the necessary registrations." Jack said with a simple smile on his face.

All the students left with a sergeant to carry out their registration. He was ordered to follow them through the entire process and to make sure it went smooth and fast. Of course, Ren knew this, as this was the same with the novel.

Once they were gone, the generals could finally speak their minds openly.

"Jack, I'm sure you already know what I am going to say. The boy is fitted to be in my academy than he is staying here. It will ultimately be more beneficial to him long term." General Oslo Orson, the head of the Western Phoenix Academy said, wearing a serious expression. He was an older man whose hair had gone all white, but even with the military clothing, one could see the muscles he hid underneath.

"Since you have the world's greatest swordsman in your academy? We all know that's just a front, he's always in the frontlines, how do you expect him to have time to teach any student? It's not like you'll him back just for that." General Shin Kin bud in. He was the head of the Eastern Phoenix academy.

"You talk like you don't see the potential the boy has. Bringing Jean back to teach him will certainly prove beneficial…"

It seemed to be getting heated, so Jack stepped in to resolve the issue, after all, they were actually making a fuss over his student who he hadn't even agreed to handover.

"How about we just ask the student in question himself? If he agrees, then no problem, otherwise, he stays here."

Everyone was ok with this idea, so they agreed to do it that way and left.