49 Chapter 49 - Male lead 'Kael' and His Justice disease


In a suburban neighborhood, a sunny afternoon was suddenly disrupted by the loud cries of a little girl named Jenny. Tears streamed down her face as a trio of curious dogs circled around her.

Kael, a small but fiercely determined boy, leaped into action. He dashed over, waving his arms and shouting, "Shoo! Shoo! Go away, you doggy scoundrels!"

The dogs, bewildered by Kael's energetic display, scampered off in different directions, leaving Jenny startled but safe.

"Thank you, Kael!" Jenny exclaimed, grateful for the rescue. But then, with a mischievous glint in her eye, she added, "You pushed me down so hard, though!"

Kael, completely oblivious to Jenny's playful twist on the truth, puffed out his chest proudly. "Don't worry, Jenny! I'll always protect you, no matter what!"

Jenny couldn't help but giggle at Kael's exaggerated heroism. "You're my hero, Kael!"

And there they stood, Kael in his imaginary cape, unaware of the comical misunderstanding that had unfolded, and Jenny, secretly enjoying her newfound status as the damsel in distress.


I sat in my room, pondering the most despised part of the novel, the character who had garnered hate comments from readers far and wide. Surprisingly, it wasn't the villain but our very own hero, Kael himself.

Kael had a childhood friend named Jenny, whom I lovingly dubbed the "cunning fox." She had played him like a fiddle, using him for her own ends until she had no more use for him. And it was only when the dim-witted Kael finally realized that he might not have been kind enough that the truth hit him like a ton of bricks.

The reason? his Bloodline, 'The Arcangels' Bloodline,' there's a unique side effect where people only see positive things.

But isn't it often said that a hero has to go through tough times to become a real hero? In Volume 2 of the novel, which is meant for adults, our dear hero goes through a really tough situation.

He's tied up and forced to watch his childhood friend getting intimate with a villain. Even though she seems to be enjoying it, our hero, in his distress, mistakenly thinks that the villain is forcing her.

Even the author couldn't cure his justice disease, and as a last resort, he had to remove its side effects by using 'The Sanctum' artifact. Of course, such intimate details will be introduced in Volume 2, so I have time.

{A/n : it's a hidden message for dear readers}

After collecting these funny things to relax my mood, I stood up to see my face in the mirror. I guess those burn marks really did a number on my handsome face.




Several black figures emerged from the dense forest, their movements swift and synchronized. They gathered around their superior, a tall and imposing figure shrouded in darkness.

One of the shadowy figures stepped forward and bowed respectfully. "We have searched tirelessly, but we were unable to locate Young Miss," he reported, his voice low and deferential.

Another figure chimed in, "However, we have marked four places that remain untouched and could potentially be hiding spots."

Their superior, a figure of authority, nodded slowly. "Tell me these places."

The first figure began, "The first place is Liander Duchy, deep within its territory. It remains undisturbed."

The second continued, "Valeria Academy is the second place, still untouched."

The third figure spoke, "Ronen Duchy is the third location, and it too has shown no signs of intrusion."

The fourth figure added, "Lastly, the Palace of the Emperor remains untouched as well."

Their superior considered their report carefully, his shadowy features unreadable. After a moment of contemplation, he made his decision. "We will invade Ronen Duchy first. It is the closest to our current location. Once we have thoroughly searched it, we will proceed to Liander Duchy. We must find Young Miss at all costs."

The shadowy figures nodded in agreement, their loyalty unwavering. With their orders clear, they disappeared into the darkness of the forest, ready to carry out their mission to locate and protect Young Miss Lily.




"Lady Maria, many Demon Elites are heading towards us," a black figure reported urgently.

"What?! Go stop them now, protect the duchy!" Duchess Maria ordered with a sense of agitation.

"I apologize, Lady Maria, but you are not an 'Orderian' yet, so you cannot give us orders. And about the last time, we protected you," the black figure responded with an emotionless voice.

Duchess Maria's frustration grew, not because of the figure's words but because of her own perceived weakness. She clenched her fists in anger and muttered, "How could Kassidy become an 'Orderian,' and I am not yet?"

"So, you want me to let our Duchy's people die?" she challenged, her voice seething with anger and frustration.

"It will not come to that; they are just trying to search for someone," the figure tried to console her.

"I hope so too, or else at least five of you are going to die," Duchess Maria warned, her anger filling the room and raising the temperature to an uncomfortable level.

With a swish of his cloak, the figure left the room without displaying any emotion, excusing himself from the tense atmosphere.

'should I have married' she thought as to fulfill the condition for Orderian' but shooked her head 'what I am even thinking '.


I can't make a firm commitment, but I'll continue writing this novel as long as I receive responses. I've observed that many authors take breaks for months before returning to their novels to attract more viewers, but I must admit I'm rather impatient.

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